The hunt continues…

As the footage of the National Party meeting continues to be poured through, it’s becoming clear that there are more possibilites for the leaky recordings.

Some just are a bit too obvious. I mean what could two cold 2 dimensional cowardly devious disingenuous buggers with slimy smiles have to do with this? As for Dick Dastardly and Mutley, I thought ACT was more their style?

People whom it couldn’t be – too nice!

Hang on…

Now that’s just silly, he died in 2005



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3 responses to “The hunt continues…

  1. Great angry and clever blog, keep it up!

  2. Emmess

    Now I see why Nick Smith’s comment of hip, can not be taken as a compliment

  3. Raved,

    trying to keep the anger in check, that’s why I’m having a little fun with these pics. Sorry they’re so poorly done, my photoshop skills are much better than this, but I just can’t be bothered spending little more than 30 seconds each one. Still a giggle.

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