Which face of National

So which of the two faced bastards are you to believe?

Maurice Williamson, the spokesperson on transport on the weekend suggested that some kiwis (well Aucklanders) would be facing up to $50 a week toll costs in new roaring projects in the region.

Then even before the ink had dried on the headlines, or before the story had time to be caches in the ether, the man charged with presenting National as a paletable alternative to the public, poo poos the idea.

So who’s to believe? The guy charged with developing policy for National in that area, or the head spin doctor. Which face of this monster is more paletable to the masses.

I believe Williamson must have said something based on truth, where else would he come up with these figures so authoratively?

Is this why National continues to withhold policy from the people – it’s unpalletable.


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