Fuck off Bob Jones

Anyone who thinks that he can malign whole sections of society just because he doesn’t want the precious english language to evolve, can sod off.

The Criminal Procedure Bill had changed the name of Foreman of the Jury to Foreperson of the Jury, thus eliminating the 167 year old term that was essentially sexist.

What the hell is wrong with gender neutral language, not one single thing. Shakespeare coined or invented over 1700 new words or terms in his life time. The beauty of the english language is that it evolves, and to remove gender from language in terms like this is a good thing.

In the article from Stuff.co.nz, Jones stated “It’s typical of the Government where they have gone berserk with this sort of stuff.” “It’s not a feminist takeover, it’s a lesbian takeover in Wellington”. Going on to say that “There’s hardly a Government head that’s not a lesbian … so many lesbians are in top jobs and they don’t want to acknowledge any sex”.

Regardless of the sexuality of anyone in Wellington, after 167 years of calling women Foreman, it’s about bloody time we changed it. What an old and thankfully increasingly marginal git.

What a load of old white male bullshit. Is Bob looking at getting back into Parliament this year, or why else would he say such bloody stupid shite?


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