Old wanker of the week #2

So here’s a surprise for ya. This from the New Zealand Herald today.

Seriously old white male ex All Black (how staunch could you get) is criticising society for being too PC.

Speaking at Parents Inc breakfast, run by fundy Christian and media personality Ian Grant, all manner of bollocks was spurted out as being fundamentally wrong with society.

I like the example he gave though. Remember he’s speaking at a conference about good Parenting in 2008 for fathers. He lamented the day when you could take your kids to a rugby match, go to the pub afterwards and leave the kids asleep in the car outside.

Hello!!! McFly!!!

The world, thankfully has moved on from those days. I would never in a million years consider putting my kids in the back seat of the car while downing a jug or two of beer in the club rooms.

This is not PC rubbish, it’s just part of good parenting.

He then went on all manner of lies and rubbish. Of course you can put your kid on the back of a horse with you, there is now law and it’s not frowned upon.

He then manages to ramble on about respect, and i think something about how respect is lost because people are protesting?

And then he went on about how he smacked (but not hit) his and other people’s children. Sorry sunshine, you touch my kids and I’ll have you in the courts so fast the numbers on your rugby jersey would fall off, I don’t care one bit you are some sort of rugby legend. You see, to respect me, is to acknowledge that I don’t hit my kids and that you are not to either.

It must be a bugger of a world for sad old gits like Lahore and Bob Jones, when all around them the social norms are changing, and thankfully attitudes of belittling Lesbians and hitting your children are no longer what they used to be.

I mean where the hell is the respect for anyone if you hit them or label them names for the express purpose of putting them down.

Respect my bollocks.


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One response to “Old wanker of the week #2

  1. Thankfully Brian would only represent probably about .5% of the population.

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