Who will be the first to DIE!

I just can’t bloody believe it.

In Breaking news , the New Zealand Police have decided to adopt the ‘less-lethal’ Taser guns as a weapon of choice. {story here – NZ Herald}

Having watched a man die at the hands of over zealous cops in Vancouver, it even made the news here, I have become an ardently opposed to the introduction of these things here.

For a refresher, just to see how bloody ‘less-lethal’ they are check out my post from Vancouver from November 2007.


And yes the content is graphic, you see a man tasered, then die in front of your very eyes.

So who will be the first in New Zealand to have that infamous tag of the first to die by police taser.


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One response to “Who will be the first to DIE!

  1. Well if the police gets tazers, hopefully the first to die wont be a police officer, the police should have every right to defend themselves if they are in danger.

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