Trial by media

Let me qualify the following post with the words.

I am not a member of the Labour or New Zealand First parties. I haven’t voted for Labour since 1987 and certainly not Winston Peters. I don’t particularly like Peters, and am very neutral on Labour.

But the trial by media of Peters over the last couple of days in particular has been nothing short of spectacularly poor form. Just tonight John Campbell, Bill Rolston and Duncan Garner practically had school boy stiffies they were that excited at the ‘evidence’ against Peters.

Lets make this very clear. The Privellages committee is a very powerful legal entity withint the parliamentary system. It could arrest him under the powers of the committee. That is why some of the questioning and answers seem all very legal eagle, and some times strange. Unfortunately, unlike a normal court in the public sphere Winston does need to prove 100% that he was right. They do not need worry about reasonable doubt. But back to the media. They have repeatedly stated, BEFORE, Winston gave his evidence that Owen Glen is right and that Winston lied and is guilty.

To me that is about as shameful as it goes. The role of the media is to report without bias, this is simply not the case here. The outcome of the committee has been prejudged by the media, telling indeed imploring the people to turn against Winston.

In a normal court of law, two sides give their evidence, and the issue is decided on the weight of that evidence. Under the circus that has been the media feeding frenzy the last 48hrs, the weight of one side’s evidence only has been considered and a guilty verdict was assumed.

I also find it incredibly astounding that a party that was willing to accept money from fringe looney religious sect to campaign for them at the last election, whom have been in talks with British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, the deputy chairman of the conservative party. Would Lord Ashcroft fly all the way to the other side of the world to talk about UK politics?

I know that the people put a lot of credence on the weight of the conviction of argument from the media, and thus Winston is a liar (might be we don’t know yet) and that he should be sacked. Natural justice is a very absent fellow when it comes to Politicians and the Media.


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