You lying bastard

I’ve gotta give a big hat tip to The Standard for this TVOne news coverage of the lying bastard’s squirming.

Look I don’t even like the guy, but I was hiding behind my hands at the stupidity. It was worse than watching a train crash, or whatever the saying is, it was just downright painful.

Looking forward to Paul Henry’s grilling of Key on Breakfast TV this morning. Meanwhile the Otago Daily Times did an excellent piece on the whole affair.

“In one eight-week period, Mr Key asked written and oral questions in Parliament, lodged an Official information Act (OIA) request to Dr Cullen, bought 50,000 shares in his own name, met Rail America, complained to the Ombudsman about his OIA and then sold his personal holdings, nearly doubling his money in the process” Dene Mackenzie ODT Wed, 24 Sep 2008

If this was Winston Peters doing and saying the things Key did, boy would Hall Monitor’s Gerry Brownlee and Rodney Hide by all up in arms, going to the police the privileges committee, the media or anyone who Hall Monitors run to.

Watch these clips. You almost feel sorry for the downright stupidity of the man (of course thanks to The Standard for these clips, they are as always priceless).

This is the most painful one though. You can almost see the battle going on in his head “wait, not, argh, been caught out, what to do, lie – yeah that’s it lie, whops no she knows the truth, tell the truth, no lie, truth but make it look like I wasn’t lying all along). Must be a painful place being in his head.

And then (again thanks to The Standard) there was the Paul Henry interview. Funny how the left is now thanking Henry (he’s a git) for putting the heat on Key.

But as you’d expect over at that bastion of the Right is Right, there isn’t even a post on the issue (too many nasty lefties to roast), while in general debate they are putting up a pathetic defence of the man, left wing bias media and all that sort of crap.


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