Stuff needs to turn off comments…

either that or Kiwis need to be a hell of a lot less grumpy (yeah I know the irony of what I’m saying).

Today the brilliant news that Top Town will be returning to New Zealand TV screens later this year, as reported on today, was met with a flood of positive comments, and a barrage of comments that were the epitome of the grumpy Kiwi, one wasn’t possibly even publishable.

Of course some of the comments were in response to Sir Howard Morrison’s silly comments, but really were they needed?

Sir Howard

“Original host Sir Howard Morrison said Top Town was set in heartland New Zealand, where ‘real’ New Zealanders lived.
“Flying into Timaru, it was huge. Palmerston North was huge. Whangarei was huge. The teams were well drilled, representing their towns, they came prepared, it brought honour to their coat of arms.”

But this drew the very first comment frokm Grumpy Dan

“Mr Howard I am interested in your definition of a Real NewZealander? The majority of New Zealanders live in Major Cities so if to be a Real New Zealander you need to live in a small hick town then New Zealand has a problem.”

Only problem Dan, you’ve further offended people by calling small town NZ HICK. Dork.

Benedict got on his hobby horse, an unusual collection of causes

“Fantastic. Now all we have to do is bring back charm, abolish pc correctness and plant many more trees.”

Alan, had his hall monitor cap on and pointed out that we took the show off someone else.

“Top Town was barely “Kiwi” or “iconic”. It was unabashedly based on on Eurovision’s Jeux Sans Fronitieres, known in the UK as “It’s A Knockout”.

But the real cake goes to a complete tosser Lance. I do wish displayed some sort of editorial control over these comments. This really isn’t a good look for a major news organisation’s national news web site. There is no way on earth this sort of rubbish would appear on the New York Times’ site.

“To make Top Town relevant to these days in NZ, then you’d have to add events like; toddler bashing, P cooking/smoking & tourist assault”

Good one sunshine, award for the most negative sod commenting today.

So back to the start and yes this is a little of the pot calling the kettle black, but if we think Kiwi’s are a friendly lot, we need to get out more. Yesterday Paul Henry on his one afternoon’s experience in Vancouver called Kiwi’s like Canadians, ultra friendly. Buzz wrong answer mate, Kiwis are about 1/10th as friendly as Vancouverites (that comes from living there 3 times over the last 8 years), and we are getting worse not better.

The Bloody Great Kiwi Knocking Machine eh, something we could do without.


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