Live: Helen Clark @ Otago Uni

Big crowd of scarfies here with some usual suspects, Victor Billot of the Alliance and Stop the Stadium (obscure collective of CAVES), Pete Hodgson, the Greens.

Actually the place is bloody packed. Scarfies don’t seem to mind that her plane was delayed, but the jurno’s huddled seem bored/put out.(1:30pm)

National radio were reporting that there would be a major announcement on tertiary education today, let’s see what comes out of this.

Must say this is a helluva lot more energettic than a Winnie tea party or a Key suit rest.

More to come… She’s due on stage soon

Has anyone noticed Billot of the Alliance looks just like Eddie Hitler out of Bottoms / The Young Ones.(1:50pm)

Update 1hr late and this room is scorching hot. (2pm)

Crowd hot and restless now, who said politics was boring (2pm)

2:13 huge – massive applause.

Going over other stuff, global market failure etc.

Talk about investment in future, interest free loans etc.

Lifting number of students getting allowances. Committing to timetable to abolish parental income adatement. 2012 not testing income against student allowance.(2:20pm) {Update, more details here at Stuff, The Herald and The Otago Daily Times.

Building smart society. Finally some heckling but crowd loves her, yikes they really love her.

Talk about leading world on matters like climate change, suffragette etc.

Anyone notice secret service guys don’t have crowd feet or wrinkles on their faces. – years of not smiling?

1 pro Iraq war getting booed down.

Huge anti war applause.

Asking who can you trust to lead the country. National flip flops and artacks on labour which are now National policy.

Vision the catch phrase.

Questions going well. Pics to come once I’ve charged the iPhone (only two things wrong with that, the battery and camera – the rest rocks).


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