I hate hate hate online and txt polls

Not because they don’t always say what I want to hear (that’s life toughen up), they are a very strange marketing tool.

Take tonight’s poll by TVNZ on the leaders debate. According to TV1 47,000 people took part. At a dollar a vote that’s nearly $50k that TVNZ took in revenue. But what did it tell us, sod all except nearly 50,000 people could be bothered cheering for their man or woman.

They are not representative, they aren’t scientific and thus they have no validity. God just have a look at any of the Stuff online polls to see how bloody stupid they are.

But nice little earner for TVNZ, would that have covered the cost of the broadcasts? Still nice money if you can get it.



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3 responses to “I hate hate hate online and txt polls

  1. rhill

    What a very bitter person you appear to be – of course 50k people are representative of those who watched the debate?

    I see you also rail against hate speech but feel quite free like the people at the standard to smear anyone who you disagree with – you are no different to the people you choose to disparage who are of the right of the political spectrum.

  2. and 50,000 people watching that debate is not representative of the public, you yourself said so.

    I’m not smearing anyone – show where. If Key lies he gets it. That’s not hate speech?

  3. Add to that, only 47,000 people out of the 1.1 million which watched the show, goes further to show how poor a representation of actual public opinion they are. They are a gimmick.

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