John Key is a habitual liar – (chewing Key’s Facts)

{Update, The Standard is doing an excellent fact check on Key’s lies}

Leaders debate TV 1 this evening.

New Zealand was not one of the ‘last cabs off the rank’ with respect to government guarantees of banks. America is still thinking about this. Lie.

Helen Clark’s environmental record is not worse than George Bush’s. LIE!!!

John Key – Carbon Neutral does not mean no emissions – he doesn’t even understand the issue (mind you he is only a recent – yeah right – convert to the climate change fold, excuse me while I go and vomit).

And under National’s policy it will take another 30 years before their emissions reach their target – they are a bullshit pack of liars. Yes Labour hasn’t been good on green issues, but make no bones, they are a hell of a lot better than Nationals could or would be.

Rod Oram (yeah that screaming greenie leftie) was astonishingly critical of National with their “fix the RMA” line, as if it was to be as he said “the panacea” of the economic ills of the country.

Tasers are NOT a non lethal option. LIE. Tell that to the several hundred people who have died around western societies that have tasers. I watched a guy die in Vancouver International Airport by Taser, for being nothing other than restless and confused. TASERS are LETHAL. LIAR.

12% jump in violent crime – partial lie. That is all 100% completely down to the increase in family violence.

Shop keepers are not the most dangerous jobs in the country. Lie. Correct me if I’m wrong I thought forestry workers were the most dangerous profession in the country.

There is nothing wrong this country. If someone attacks you with a knife and you take a baseball bat to that person and violently beat the shit out of them, charge both parties. There is nothing wrong with NZ.

We favour apprenticeships in school as well. The last National government abolished apprenticeships. What happened then, when Labour got in and the economy grew, there was a massive shortage of skilled workers across the board whom would have had an apprenticeship.


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13 responses to “John Key is a habitual liar – (chewing Key’s Facts)

  1. toughtitty

    Ha – bit grumpy after Helen got trounced…… diddims

  2. ants

    What a piece of shit blog this is then! Time to get out of the 80s boyo – the Netscape 4.7 look and feel is terrible you pathetic twat.

  3. If winning is based on lies then fine he won.

    I couldn’t give a shit if he won or Helen lost, I am sick fed up with people in public lying. It’s all over Matthew Hooton’s method of communication.

    It’s the very basis of anything that comes out of G-dubbya. The lies that politicians live and so called die by, are noticed by the public and they see it as acceptable.

    Key talks about getting tough on petty criminals as the start of a life of crime. Take a step back sunshine, lies and the ability to tell them so freely is the basis of a less than honourable society.

    If Helen lied, I would be very happy for someone to point it out.

    It starts with a lie and ends with a senseless invasion of a foreign sovereign nation.

    • Ace

      I wasn’t thrilled with Helen Clark I’m equally as unimpressed by National, is it to much to ask for a Political Leader who actually tells the truth?

  4. Ants,

    thanks for the criticism. If you of course had any modicum of intelligence you will notice the footer information at the bottom of this comment box (which you had to use), that it’s a free wordpress theme and I’ve added a banner at the top of the page. I’ve also deliberately tagged my banner in protests against politicians.

    But if that’s all you can provide as a way of political debate or even defence of the lies of Key, then I’ll take your witless and sad abuse as a badge of honour.

    Perhaps you could send Chris Pearson who designed the FREE WordPress blog layout and suggest that his shit 80s look could be updated.

    However as a designer, I chose this layout because it is simple, the typography is strong and the layout is orderly.

    Ants if you have anything worth debating by all means come back and play, you might even surprise yourself and put together a sentence that is meaningful and to the point.

  5. It really is frustrating how detached from the facts political discourse is this time around.

  6. I so agree Michael. I don’t care what they are saying (well apart from hate speech) and I don’t care who is saying it (even the gods of my Left), as long as it’s not a lie.

    For me the fundamental shift came when GW and his lot went to the world with their lies about Iraq, they even spread them about the UN. So if it’s OK for him to get away with it in the UN, surely it’s ok for small country MPs to say whatever they like as long as they don’t get caught out. And the after discussion on One News was pathetic, all about personality. McCarten was the only one to suggest just the once that Key lied.

    I was indifferent to Key becoming leader or National, but any regular reader of this blog will know that Key’s lies are common place and seemingly flow off his ‘once previous common man – state housing’ tongue at an alarming rate.

    I not that Ant above only abused me and didn’t defend one of the lies of Key, or even try to. But then that would have been an act of futility.

    I’ll say it time and time again, I don’t care who you are, as an MP you have an obligation to not to lie to the people, they deserve much more.

  7. ianmac

    I wonder if Helen chose not to correct John on his lies as to do so could make her appear pedantic/picky.
    Because this was a once over lightly debate I guess it is an impression gained rather than the detail of policy. One of the more telling lies was the one on Sharples “misunderstood.” Memorise John’s body talk because it signals each deliberate lie.

  8. John Key was far better in this debate and will be a far better PM than Helen Clark – If your not voting National then there is something wrong with you!

  9. Cheers Gerald, better figure out what’s wrong with me then. There is no way any right wing wacko will ever get a vote from me.

    If anyone thinks that right wing free market politics are going to look after both the environment and the most vulnerable members of society, then there is something wrong with them. Do we need to look at the environment and of the millions of poor in the world, good one folks, the right is a failure of societal membership.

  10. Brooke

    john key –
    The only reason why i hate john key is because :
    Hes changing policy’s on land ownership , kiwi saver and he’s thinking of money not the people!!!


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