Dunedin welcomes you…

By all means come to Dunedin and present Policy and pimp your party for us to vote for.  There are of course two ways this can be done.

Open meeting at the University of Otago (open to the public and yes the public were there) attracting a crowd close to 1500 with the national media on tow, or

Sneak into Dunedin, this from the ODT today,

“Mr Key flew into Dunedin, arriving at Cadbury Confectionery about 10.30am. He was met by three Cadbury senior employees and was shown through the chocolate shop – trailed by 15-strong media contingent.”

“Mr Key and his entourage were then ushered behind the company’s security doors for more than an hour as national media representatives cooled their heels in the lobby eating complimentary chocolates.”

“Mr Key was driven to Cafe Rue, from Cadbury Confectionery about 400m away, accompanied by two other cars carrying staff and diplomatic protection staff. The policy launch was in front of about 75 supporters who paid $20 a head for the privilege.”

Good look Key. With the only decent National MP (with more conviction than the rest of you put together) calling it quits this time, National knows it hasn’t got a hope in Dunedin, so he’s just ignoring us big time.

Full damming story from the ODT here.


and local TV take on the story




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3 responses to “Dunedin welcomes you…

  1. Sad that you think 1500 is big for Otago student numbers, although with OUSA being Labour it doesn’t surprise me whatsoever. Winston pulled bigger numbers to OUSA in his glory days – and with OUSA knowing that this was going to be a major Allowance announcement I wouldn’t be surprised if they got all sorts of ring ins from the wider community to boost numbers.

    After all, it is an election.

  2. Clint, if the room was full and sweaty, it was a big turn out. people were just turning away at the door because you couldn’t get in or anywhere near the hall she was in.

    FYI there were a few posters up only a day or two before the event and nothing from around town. Actually considering it’s in the middle of the exam period, I was surprised that that many turned up. Good to see a huge number of the public there too.

  3. Clint, you were a frustrated student pollie right? Frustrated by no one voting for you perhaps?

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