Hold the press Ian Wishart is going to reveal all.

Apparently he’s given the tip to Kiwiblog that he’s got a scoop involving what “will be breaking a massive story, implicating two current cabinet ministers and a former Labour cabinet minister, in an unprecedented political scandal”.

So bye bye Labour, one orgy too many eh, just like the Romans it had to all come tumbling down in the end.

But I can reveal it here first (and screw that insane bastard).

Here it is…

Shut up, shut up, shut up! Sex, sex sex, must get sex into it. Wait,
I see a television commercial-

There’s this nude woman in a bath holding a bit of your string. That’s
great, great, but we need a doctor, got to have a medical opinion.

There’s a nude woman in a bath with a doctor–that’s too sexy. Put an
archbishop there watching them, that’ll take the curse off it. Now, we
need children and animals.

There’s two kids admiring the string, and a dog admiring the archbishop
who’s blessing the string. Uhh…international flavor’s missing…make the
archbishop Greek Orthodox. Why not Archbishop Macarios? No, no, he’s
dead… nevermind, we’ll get his brother, it’ll be cheaper… So, there’s
this nude woman….

If there isn’t a massive dong, copious amounts of lube and alcohol and more than one consenting adult in the same bed I’m going to be mighty pissed off.



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5 responses to “Hold the press Ian Wishart is going to reveal all.

  1. Liverpool forever

    Perhaps there’s some pictures of you having one off the wrist over a pictures of the PM in the Everton strip.

  2. PaulL

    I think you’ll find it wasn’t a tipoff to kiwiblog – at least not in the wink wink nudge nudge vrwc way that you seem to be implying. Looks like he just sent out an e-mail to all current and past subscribers of tgif.

    Anyway, as you were. I’m pretty sure it will turn out to be not much – I seem to recall a few weeks back there was supposedly going to be some big revelation, but I never saw it.

  3. Funny guy, took Red Scum to think that.


    No sex just more corruption from the current government – oh that’s right couldn’t possibly be corruption in little old NZ as we been rated as so non-corrupt by some twats who have never visited the country and know nothing about us.

  5. You faceless whimp. Not even the balls to pretend for a name.

    So where is the corruption, you know this for a fact or your just being a contrary sanctimonious wanker.

    If you want to play the abuse game sunshine, you better have a fucking good grasps of the English language, because I’ve has it with you right wing fuck heads, coming over with no intent for any form of discourse, evidence or willingness to pretend to be a man/woman.

    Come and debate the issues or prepare for sum fun!

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