You know it’s been a good week when…

You become victim of your own policies.

Following a funny post over at the Land of Extremists (know to you and me as Kiwiblog) re Keys insane decision to legislate (but not actually set time frames or tell them what to do) to invest 40% of the $14b Kiwisaver fund in NZ.

There was wide spread condemnation of said planned legislation, from what I could tell all but one serious economic commentator, forecaster or analyst were quote quite literally taken aback by the plan, some thought it “disastrous”, others “terrified” and it made their “blood-curdle”.

Funny thing, over at the Key fan club they were still supporting this plan in the face of the overwhelming opposition. But you know you’ve done a boob, when the hall monitor of parliament, Rodney Hide feels he has to speak out (on a public blog).

“The first is that he knows it’s a dumb idea but thinks it smart politics. That would make the commitment woeful and irresponsible.
The second is that he thinks it’s a good idea – now that would be truly appalling”

(Link here)

So to recap on the first week of the campaign trail

strike 1, scrap R&D – piss of Business NZ and the Manufacturers and Exporters Association.
strike 2, 40% legislation – piss off all bar one genuine economic commentator & forecaster (and only natural coalition partner ATC)
strike 3, lied to either Pita Sharples or the Public – piss either all of Maoridom off or everyone else off.

How many strikes was it under National’s crime policy. I think Key qualifies for no parole.

Now that’s comedy.



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3 responses to “You know it’s been a good week when…

  1. It’s just horrific. I cannot imagine why they want to make my generation pay more tax to try and bribe people who are already likely to vote for them with enormous high-end tax cuts.

    If I wasn’t used to it, it would make me feel sick…

  2. Couldn’t agree more Jordan. BTW with this mess from Key, I hate to say it (and until this week I wouldn’t have thought it) but surely there is going to be a shift of core right wing vote away from National to ACT, and that might just give the old wanker up against you a chance (not that we would wish it in any way shape or form – who will the bring back next – Richardson?)

    Or is that just going to split the vote in Hunua and give you a better chance.

    Seriously with all the mistakes by Key over the last week ACT must be about to make some ground up.

    Cheers for stopping by.

  3. mike mitchell

    Jordan perhaps you should spend more time in your own electorate campaigning rather than trying to help out that tired and useless old haggis Judith Tizzard who needs to be consigned to the scrap heap along with the vast majority of NZ’s current parliament.

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