a top 10 list to make National cringe

At the end of the first week of campaigning, in which some were saying Key won the leaders debate, but spent the rest of the week defending allegations of lying or justifying his economic policies which have come under attack from more or less every right leaning economic and political commentator.

So at the end of the week looking at a more scientific way of readiing the pulse of the people rather than pseudo scientific poll post leaders debate, here are the top 10 political news articles on Stuff’s web site this friday 17 October.

1 Key told ‘outright fib’ on tv – Clark
2 Peters: Nats can’t keep changing stance
3 Clark finds gold on the campaign trail
4 Maori seats distort MMP – Dunne
5 Fox compares Clark, Horomia to Mugabe
6 Key makes Maori seat admission
7 Time to scrub divisive, race-based favouritism
8 ACT will back a Nat government
9 Peters back to his ‘bread and butter’
10 Key makes Maori seat admission

that’s right, not one story about something positive from National or Key, not one story attacking Labour. This is so much more telling than any pseudo poll, this is actually what the people are reading.

Not a good look if you are trying to set the agenda. Still a week is a long time in politics, this time last week I thought National would romp in. Lets see what the next week will bring.



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2 responses to “a top 10 list to make National cringe

  1. Yet despite all this National is still leading in the Poll. I guess this list proves one thing, the media isn’t right wing, oh number six and ten are the same.

  2. And the media isn’t left wing, and yeah what’s with that about 6 & 10. i’m guessing there were two versions of the same story.

    Yeah what’s with that poll, every other poll over the last two weeks has shown a closing of the gap. Unless the others back this up, it’s just one of those anomaly polls.

    What I’m saying, is that if you are trying to set the agenda, National is doing a freaking bad job of it.

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