Lockwood’s at it again.

“National MP Lockwood Smith regrets causing any offence after saying Asians have small hands that make them more productive and Pacific workers need to be taught to use toilets and showers.”

NZ Herald

Nothing really to say, this isn’t political correctness gone wrong, it’s racial generalisation and in any society it can not be tolerated.

Update: Here’s the Audio of the comments, they are even more startlingly and profoundly offensive first hand. Kiwiblog is asking for his resignation, can’t argue with that, harsh but fair.

The pure comedy of the whole thing is the stunningly brilliant journalism at the end of the second audio file, when questioned should he be careful with what he says these days considering there have been secret recordings of him in the past, Smiths reply:

“it doesn’t trouble me much as I don’t say anything that would trouble me.”

First Audio File
Second Audio File


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One response to “Ouch!

  1. This is an appalling mistake by Lockwood. He could have made a legitimate point in a variety of ways/words but what he’s said sounds simply racist. I suspect they will demote him, it’s deserved and there’s a precedent in John Carter’s demotion when he rang up Bank’s talkback pretending to be Hone Carter… you can imagine the rest.

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