How much of this is palatable to core National voters

Recently the Maori party has signalled that it could work with the National Party, post election. We are still deciphering what John Key thinks or says about this stance, you see it’s not us interpreting his words that is the problem, he’s contradicting himself left right and centre over this issue.

Anyway, seeing that there is a very real possibility that he will need more than the support of ACT and United Future, Key has been fishing (trolling) about for supportive parties. The leadership of the Maori party seems to be in conflict with it’s core support, which has quite clearly shown that a Maori Party – National Party coalition is not what they want, but they’ve said they’ll work with National anyway (political suicide of the highest degree).

So out of this Key, Sharples and Tariana Turia are all talking coalition post election. The only thing is, the conditions for such a coalition would seemingly be almost unpalatable to core national voters in the blue ribbon and rural ridings. The Maori Party today unveiled it’s treaty policy position, and being a Maori Party, they are pretty core to their principals (which I have no qualms with despite the content). However by entrenching Maori seats in the statutes, Abolishing treaty claims cap, repealing Foreshore and Seabed legislation and Heritage studies to be part of the core curriculum. Aside from the lunacy of Heritage Studies to be compulsory for all new immigrants (why should they know more about our history that most locals do?), the rest I would imagine be rather hard to stomach across some of the dinner tables in Ranfurly or Taihape, and even less across the canapés of Remuera.

Still Key’s signalled he could lift the cap on treaty settlements, so I’m guessing he’s going to say yes publicly to these guys no matter what they say.


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  1. On a, slight, tanget, I don’t see anyone in the National caucus not even Georgina who could hope to manage settlements as well as Labour have. I have a great deal of respect for Georgina and genuine regard for Tau… however, the fact is that Labour has accerlerated the settlement process far beyond what Kidd/Graham/Bolger achieved. A lot has changed since National were last in goverment, I think Tariana and Pita will demand Maori Affairs and Treaty Settlements and I can’t see how National would refuse them?

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