What damage Maori – National?

{Updated more or less immediately: Sharples admits preference for Labour. One leader is playing Kiss and Catch with Key, while the other listens to his constituents and prefers Labour – fun times for the Maori Party}

Politics is a funny thing, and even more so in this day and age of MMP (don’t get me wrong FPP was just flat out fraud).

But as soon as a minor party is played as the King Maker by the media, they start to believe it and do silly things. First there was Winnie, then Peter Dunne and now the Maori Party.

They have all had their egos massaged and their electoral egos and punch massaged and inflated beyond what is required of them, or defined by the electorate.

Despite the vast vast majority of Maori intending not to vote National (as indicated by most polls), get it they aren’t going to vote National, the Maori Party and John Key have been playing a very public courting game (you can almost hear the hushed voice of Sir David Attenborough, “here we have the Turia bird dancing around the puffy chested Key bird”).

Gordon Campbell has talked about this at length, and it’s worth considering, is the Maori Party courting disaster/retribution at the 2011 election?

I would add to that, with this very public song and dance going on (they’ve even forgiven blatant racism less than 24hrs after the news erupted), is there enough time before polling day for the Maori Party to have already done the damage. I understand Tariana Turia’s intense dislike of Helen Clark and the Labour Party over what it did with the Foreshore and Seabed (to the white’s out there, this is a modern treaty breach of the highest magnitude), and there may be a massive attempt by Tariana Turia to hurt Labour over that. But at what cost?

I don’t know if Maori voters will be turned off with the prospect of their party in bed with the whites, oldest, male centred party we have had a in a long time. I know the folk I’ll be voting for, The Greens, have at least ruled National out – thank god.

But in all honesty can a Maori voter go to the polls knowing that a vote for the Maori Party is a vote for National? Time will tell and there’s a PHD topic in there for some bright spark post election.


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One response to “What damage Maori – National?

  1. Yep! Greens are where i`m at, Cant see the maori Party teaming up with National, twould be a rocky relationship to say the least, I can see the Maori party sitting on the fence for a long time and we may be left with a hung parliament until demands are met.

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