Hall Monitor Busted!

We all know that A.C.T. stands for a Association of C_ _ _ _ and Tyrants, and we’ve all seen Rodney Hide prances about the corridors of parliament telling MPs and lowly staffers to pull their socks up.

So how could it be that the squeaky clan twat could be so blatantly caught out. Seems he’s broken more or less the same rules that he’s accused most other people of. This from The Dominion Post.

Hide’s accusations come back to bite
The Dominion Post | Friday, 24 October 2008
MAARTEN HOLL/The Dominion Post

ACT leader Rodney Hide has been hoist by his own petard after a finding that the party failed to declare $20,000 a year worth of free office space provided by property investor Sir Robert Jones.
The Electoral Commission said the party should have declared the space under rules requiring disclosure of donations in kind worth more than $10,000 a year…

The ruling against ACT says it should have declared the office space, which was donated for several years till 2005. It noted the non-declaration was outside the six-month limit for prosecution, but ordered ACT to make amended returns for the years it used the space.

So does that mean if I break a law, all I have to do is wait 6 months to see if I can get away with it. Talk about two or more sets of rules.

Like all hall monitors they’re just always hiding their own problems by picking on others, I wonder what issues this guy has. Squeaky clean – my arse!


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