Matthew Hooton is a Cock

Sir you are an obsessive and compulsive LIAR, Helen Clark does not have a worse environmental record than George Bush. The figures are there for anyone to see and read, you just choose to be a wanker about it.

Helen Clark did not open up the Arctic regions to oil exploration. Hooton is a pathological liar and why the hell doesn’t someone take him for his word. What would have been inspired would be for John Campbell to roll-up his paper and wack Hooton around the ear ever time he lied like that.

Shut the fuck up you twat.



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4 responses to “Matthew Hooton is a Cock

  1. That disgusting chubby little tory boy looks to pleased with himself every time he gets to trot out that bullshit line purely because he knows hes getting away with lying on national television, and any amount of corrections or retractions undo the damage it does each time he says it.

  2. QoT

    I’m sure his facetious smugness would still piss me off even if I agreed with anything he said.

  3. Too be frank, he’s there because he inspires this kind of reaction. What’s inexplicable to me is how ridiculous broadcasting has become.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. There is a very strange transformation taking place in broadcasting. It was exceedingly evident throughout the Bush years in the US with the likes of Bill O’Rielly etc, but you can hear it on NewsTalk ZB every single day with Leighton Smith etc.

    They use the word Socialism (like it’s something inherently evil like the plague) and liberal media and leftist media bias. What a load of bollocks. It’s denigration of others to make one feel better about one’s self. Now that they have their National Party led nirvana WTF are they going to moan about day in and day out, now it’s a yes club.

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