Rogernomics, who found the bloody defibulator?

The only thing that disturbed me on election night was the bizarre speech by new/old ACT (Association of Cunts and Tyrants) MP Sir Roger Douglas complete arrogant, exceedingly irrelevant and somewhat incoherent comments.

The world has been saved from economic oblivion by essentially Kenyesian and Socialist intervention, and the bullshit game played by that old fucker Douglas was nothing but crap. He and other rabid right wing wackos use the threat of economic recession to do nasty shit in the same way that Bush uses the threat of war and terror to do nasty shit. The TINA (there is no alternative) bullshit bribery just doesn’t wash.

How out of touch could one 70 year old man be?

Well done National, but also well done to the left vote for not leaving for the dark side in droves.

Thank you Labour.

Paid Parental Leave
Free Doctors visits for children
Affordable and free early childhood education
Free bus travel for the elderly
Interest free student loans
Removing the defence for hitting children

and the list goes on…

National take those away at your peril.


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