Too little, too late

Those on the left who may have read the odd article by Chris Trotter may have noticed a shift in his writings over the years, and markedly since his move north. He became a voice for not the left but very much middle of the road, that beacon of “yes I am still bloody angry” hope that should come from the left was growing dimmer by the day.

However the day after the election, came on of the finest pieces from him. A battle cry, which unfortunately came too late – after the fact. This piece should have been published last week, or month and it should have been followed up with another equally critical. The Sunday Star Times is one of those newspapers that reaches a vast section of the NZ population, and all of those “gutless, witless, passionless creatures of the barbecue-pit and the sports bar (and the feckless females who put up with them)” gits who voted change for the sake of it, need this kick up the ass before the event not after it. It’s all very well us on the left bleating out our stuff from the blogosphere, but when it all comes down to it, the blogosphere is a middle class playground for a very small group of people.

It was a fine piece that articulated many of the concerns of those on the left that abound after the victory by Key on Saturday night. It was evident early on in the night that Labour didn’t have a chance, but that’s OK, I could get used to that. The most hideous moment of the night was however when someone found the Defibrillator and the political corpse and somehow thrust an incoherent monster from the past for the nation to see and gasp. That diatribe by Roger Douglas, immediately employing the TINA battle cry so dangerously used by the Bush administration, had even those commentators on the right trying to dismiss him. It was literally like watching Frankenstein’s monster trying to put sentences together again, and the only lines it remembered was the same old shite it last regurgitated.

Because with that relic of a by-gone era (yes Sir Roger the world and the country had moved on since your cryogenic freezing) was as Trotter put it “That’s what triumphed last night: the hunger to punish – and a crippling fear of social change.”

So to all of you who thought change for the sake of it was a good idea, all the best finding the best Accident insurance company, finding the money to take your kids to the doctor, getting them into childcare without breaking the bank or needing a third job to do it, moving about the countryside without swerving in and out of the freight trucks etc etc. If there is still an environment to talk about, as Jeanette Fitzsimons said on the night, let’s hope you don’t think tax cuts were a better idea than the environment.


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