What is the point of Paul Henry?

I seriously don’t know what the point for the existence of Paul Henry of breakfast television?

His vile right wing libertarian bullshit stands him alongside some of the most bigoted waste of spaces they have on the Fox network. The only person in the world who thinks he’s either clever or funny is Paul Henry.

The sooner TVNZ gets his vile smug arrogant bigoted mug off the box the better. He’s a blight on NZ television and does nobody any good.



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6 responses to “What is the point of Paul Henry?

  1. QoT

    Unfortunately I think he generates a lot of viewership for Breakfast, simply from people who watch to see what horrifically bigoted thing he’ll get away with saying next. *is guilty*

  2. I saw him on a programme called Ends of the Earth, in which he said that all Scandinavian men looked like homosexuals to him.

    Somebody should be noting all this.

  3. Seriously TVNZ have a great product in their morning show, but that guy is a bloody disgrace.

  4. He’s better than Paul Holmes though.

  5. pinnythewu

    I love Paul Henry. He’s hilarious! We need to take a page out of his book and stop all this PC crap.

  6. To be anti-PC is the domain of the lazy.

    Basic respect for fellow human beings is at the core of PC, to be otherwise is to be disrespectful.

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