Newstalk ZB you disgust me

A man picks up a knife and chases two teenage boys from outside his house, he subsequently stabs and kills one of them, and is eventually convicted of Manslaughter. Yet Newstalk ZB has continually portrayed this man as the victim, and went so far as to interview someone close to him, and giving that person the ‘call of the day’ award.

The man is a convicted killer, he unlawfully took the life of a young boy, the whole bloody case is tragic, but there is a family out there without their son for his actions.

I can’t help but feel if the murder was dark skinned and they were convicted on the same day – oh that’s right they were. Where was the interview with their family or close friends of the Mob guys going down on the same day, asking how that family is doing? This interview with the ‘close friend’ should never have gone ahead, but even worse, it should not have taken the line that he’s the victim.

Well done to Campbell Live tonight. It was a touching interview with the mother of the boy killed. It was sad and depressing, but very well done. Shame she wasn’t evil and lawless, like they would like us to believe. The mother signed the petition making parents accountable for tagging, she had reprimanded her boy for tagging a table, she was a woman with boundaries, but a child who was like all children rebelling and breaking laws. Not something that should be your death penalty.


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One response to “Newstalk ZB you disgust me

  1. That is how the news media is, the crims get put on tv and made out to be something special.

    Heck boy racers that cause havoc and abuse other citizens are given columns in the press, and we are told we dont understand them, that wanna be cop killer, Steven Wallace who swung a baseball at a officers head and got shot was made out to be a hero by the media, Kahui is giving interviews, our youngest killer is made out to be a folk hero and we are told he is a victim of society by the press.

    Excuses are given for the behavior of taggers, murderes, rapists, child beaters and all sorts of criminals, while the police are made out to be the bad guys, we are told we need to take a look at society for the crimes, we are told to feel sorry for the crims, but when a criminal becomes a victim themselves all hell breaks loose with the media.

    The media need to take a hard long at themselves.

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