Dumbass National MP of the Week…

Goes to (drum roll – or boos).

Maurice Williamson, for:

A, forgetting as a Minister of the Crown he has a national responsibility to act sensibly and moderately. When asked about the protests against Israel via the most visible Israeli in the country at the stage (a female Tennis player), he said in a very dismissive and off hand “oh for god’s sake she’s a tennis player, leave her alone”. Nice one minister, can we say the same for the 800 odd innocent people murdered by the Israeli government, “they’re innocent women and children, stop killing them?

The second comes from again his infinite wisdom, this time on the decision to ban Radar detectors. What is the point of a radar detector, to tell the driver of a car when there is a police radar in the area, slow down and you won’t get a ticket, otherwise you can speed. Oh no, according to the wisdom of this great one, radar detectors are there to “people use them to moderate their speed”. No you dumb ass, that is what the car speedo is there to do. Every car has one, it’s law they should have one, they tell you the speed. If you haid said of the car speedo “people use them to moderate their speed”, then I would have thought, you know he’s right. But oh no, seems this guy is racking up some record for being just one hell of a loudmouth wanker, because how’s this for a doozie of a reason why we shouldn’t ban radar detectors “I’m not sure that a Big Brother attitude is a good thing”.

Brilliant, I’ve invented a machine which will tell me when a cop is coming to my house, giving me enough time to hide my dope crop. Using his reasoning, this is a good thing. Sure I’ve broken the law, but as long as “big brother” doesn’t know that I’m breaking the law and I have a machine to cheat the law, then I’m ok.

His reasoning is, that you can cheat the law and that’s ok. Funny this in the same weeks that a national campaign on speeding has been undertaken – damm you big brother for telling us to slow down.

Jesus and there’s supposedly 3 more years of this crap, start the bloody revolution people,.


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