Garth McVicar fuck off

“The impending release of convicted murder accessory Nichole Field shows how far the public has been duped into a false sense of security with the New Zealand justice system, a leading campaigner for change claims.”

SO how does he explain a record prison muster (more baddies being caught) and record prison sentences being given out, we are now up there with some of the most punitive western nations, yet this git is never happy.

This guy adds even less to the national debate about the justice system than I do, yet he’s apparently a national campaigner.

He’s not he’s a media hungry git who hates people. I’ve never heard one so called sensible suggestion from this guy, just ‘all baddies are evil’, ‘the judges are soft’, ‘criminals get away with everything’, blah blah blah.



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  1. I am hoping that 2009 will be the year of jeering at Garth McVicar. Thank you for making a start to this worthy endeavour.

    • To any one that has anything to do with the sensible sentencing Garth Mcvicar who is ripping people of money to fuel his hate machine and lynch mob members who most are mentally disturbed victims Mcvicar preys on and uses as throw away pawns.
      Mcvicar is a born liar for example
      Mcvicar sates he was canned 36 times in one day at a boarding school for been bad.
      Anyone would know he is lying as people like me from that generation well know it’s impossible as just 3 canes from that era would make your back side black and blue with blood weeping plus how bad can one be too get canned 36 times in a day meaning Mcvicar saying he was the a worst kid in NZ.
      Mcvicar then states when he was a teenager he was hooning around in a car meaning doing wheelies and speeding and you can be sure drinking and driving especially if someone is bragging he has had 36 canes in a day and when he was caught by police they made him walk 20km without shoes back to his car which you can be sure just another spinner story from Mcvicar rip-off lying and cheating nature.
      What the stupid morons is saying that he is as bad as the people he wants thrown in jail but on the other hand Mcvicar contradicts himself yet again such as the16 year old graffiti writer that was cold bloodied murdered and Mcvicar tried to get the murderer off from any jail time and then there is another murderer who is a full contact martial art cage fighter who killed his uncle over the owners ship of a cow and then Mcvicar also tried to get the charges dropped for another coward murderer and the list goes on .
      What the disturbing part about Mcvicar is he has stooped as low as you can go and committed child rape crimes such as Mcvicar has been covering up severe child rape crimes as the victim at the starts of the child rapes was 6 years old and the members of the family that adopted this boy as a two week old baby have joined Garth Mcvicars hate campaign when Mcvicar first started and have been trying every dirty trick in the book to keep the lid on about the child rapes even known by Mcvicar the rapist are still walking free and rapping more children.
      Mc vicar is doing this child rape cover up to save face because he has been and still is barking up the wrong tree and has decided to stick to his members right or wrong and has used the child rape family and his SST lawyer to try and muzzle all the witnesses with gag order to cover up the child rapes.
      The intensions warning any that is involved with Mcvicar is surely with some simple statements from Mcvicar himself you must be able to see through his natural lying and cheating and the man is desperate as any one covering up child rape crimes to save face is as low as one can get especially when the rapist are walking free and getting away with it thanks to Garth Mcvicar and is mentally sick SST members.
      When you read the many press statements Mcvicar uses and add them all up together and you will find it’s like a stuck record player that stays on the same wording and never changes and has no intellect of intelligence except a hatemonger riding on victims feeling and scarring old ladies so they give Mcvicar money.
      It’s real easy to write a book about Garth Mcvicar and his naive followers which if you look at them they are the same small bunch which have not charged over the start of the SST and has expanded from the start of his forming the SST trust except and odd straggler Mcvicar plucks up as a disposable victim pawn.
      Check his NZ map of contacts on Mcvicar web site which are the same ones I am talking about also you will notice the other district are still no contacts and never have been all these years meaning he is not growing but shrinking as people see through sleazy coward and is lying about his member numbers although his lies mange to suck money from old ladies and such foolish companies to give Mcvicar a life style free ride for example his hand me down farm as Mcvicar has been given what he owns from his farm up and had the silver spoon but even he admits with everything given to him he was as bad as the criminal such as his bragging about 36 canes in one day.
      How stupid can Mcvicar be too say such contradictive statements and that he was a hooning around in cars meaning drinking and driving and doing wheelies but at the same time Mcvicar thinks it’s OK to kill a 16 year graffiti writer.
      If anyone wants to know about the child rapes Mcvicar is covering up especially the police officer who is married to the SST members and has also conspired within the police force to cover up the child rapes of his family members feel free to ask and I can give all the affidavits Garth Mcvicar is trying to cover up given by the witnesses that have contacted Mcvicar which Mcvicar instead as I mention placed a family gag orders on them to shut them up but at the same time Mcvicar squeals like a stuck pig simple to scam money from his glory of pure hate and tries to block the truth when he wants and you can blame the press for sucking NZ in with this big time hatemonger and con artist..

      • Pam Reid

        God if anyone should know Garth it is I. I think he is telling the truth when he said he was canned. I don,t know if it was 36 times but i do know he was pulled out of High School because of bad behaviour. By todays standards it was minimal.He was made to work on his parents farm. They loved him he was there son.I think from what I remember is that he was so homesick and just played up to be kicked out of High School. He did do things that were inapropriate like drive fast in his little Red Car up the Napier Taupo road. By memory it was 60 mph.He laughed when his girlfriend at that time incouraged kids to smoke. Haha that was funny.Another time he was drink driving and we were going up the Napier Taupo road and he put empty beer bottles on the roof of the car to roll of onto the road, that was a scream. I can recall a few other things as well Garth was notperfect by any means. It,s because of him and his brother Alan that I am what I am today he was and is an all round nice guy.My life was and has been shit at times but I will always thank Garth for instilling in me good values and I will always be thankful to him and Alan for that. Sometimes I don,t agree with what he say,s and I could blacken his name but I never would because my memory of Garth Mc Vicar is that he is an all round nice guy. A lasting memory I have of Garth is that my brother and I lived with the Mc Vicars as state wards, my brother was a fire starter. God knows how we got matches but Garths Grandfather died and me and my brother were playing down in thee Pine trees and we lit the Pine Needles on fire we pannicked and tried to put the fire out. Out of know where Gatrh appeared and was our HERO and just went swoop and killed the fire. He never told his Mother. Whom we feared. His Dad spoke to us though and that really upset my brother and I as he like Garth was a lovely man. I never intended to rite this as a tribute to him but it is.Thanks Garth and Alan Mc Vicar for 3 and a half good years of my life. I remember day one 17.12.64 as if it was yesterday.

  2. Judy Ashton

    If you ever have the misfortune to loose a loved one at the hands of a killer, as I have and have been forced to enter the reality of life as a victim in NZ, maybe your opinion may change.
    I used to think that we had an OK justice system but my belief has been shattered. The person who killed my daughter should never have been out of prison on parole and for that reason I support Garth Mc Vicar and his campaign to get tougher on the criminals in NZ. Enough is enough it is time to get tough.

    • Andrew

      I sympathize for any victim and relative to a victim but what you have written is bitterness, anger and sorrow and I fully understand that as my own sister was killed. However, I do not believe that my feelings of anger, bitterness and revenge is justice, justice should be decided from an impartial point of view and today I am a law student majoring in criminal law to become a criminal defendant because to put them behind bars, to shut them away and cover the problem is a lot easier than trying to understand the story of how an individual could possibly end up doing such a terrible act. I feel that to honour my sister, I must try and understand the criminal and rehabilitate them to truly help solve societal problems, not unleash my bitterness onto people. Also, what sensible sentencing does is provide statistics that are out of context so they are basically lies. For example, violent offences have risen by over 100% is because of changes in the methods of collecting the data (category of manslaughter by reckless driving is no longer in existence, it is now counted as violent offence) which is why violent offences have ‘risen’ up by over 100%. In New Zealand, violent and sexual crimes amount to only 15% of all recorded crime where as dishonesty crimes (i.e. white-collar crime) account for 57% of all crimes. In New Zealand, the biggest white collar criminal case (Equiticorp fraud) cost the millions of dollars, Allan Hawkins, the main culprit stole $88 million, cost 500 people their jobs, further affecting their friends. That’s 500 people in despair right there and what did he get. 6 years in jail in which he only served a few of and a $25,000 fine. Today, he is still a millionaire and he has plunged God knows how many into a lives of poverty and destitution, the kind of situation that society feels would create the so-called ‘typical violent offenders’ in our minds. So if a victim wants to lock people up, if they want true justice, if they want to decrease the crime level or at least REFLECT what kind of crime is doing the most significant damage to society, concentrate on the Allan Hawkins of society and not the poverty stricken, under-educated man/woman who’s entire life has been surrounded by hunger, violence and sadness.

      • Judy

        I take exception to your comment “what you have written is bitterness, anger and sorrow”. You no nothing about me nor I suspect the complexity of the circumstances that lead to my daughters death.
        I am not bitter, just had my eyes opened to the workings of our so called justice system.
        Anger is an emotion, felt by all, but I do not respond or react in anger. I work through the issues and I am using my own experience to support law change in areas of which I am passionate – e.g. victims rights, parole, free legal services for victims etc.
        No one should be above the law, everyone should be held accountable for their failings especially when their actions or inactions have contributed to the death of an innocent person.
        To compare a victim losing material things to that of a victim who has lost his/her life is offensive to me.
        My daughter had absolutely no choice in having her life taken from her.
        Justice is served by an “impartial” view, that of a judge and or jury, but defence should never be allowed to put the victim and or victims family on trial in an attempt to get the offender off.
        I commend you for your comment”I must try and understand the criminal and rehabilitate them to truly help solve societal problems” which sounds a bit like the “ambulance at the bottom of the cliff”. Perhaps in achieving your goal to ‘understand the criminal and rehabilitate them” you should have chosen a different career other than a criminal defence lawyer.

      • Good one Andrew
        You will make a good lawyer as you are and honest using pure facts, not emotions like Judy who is one of Mcvicars sidekicks for Mcvicars hate machine.
        Judy states in a news paper report that it’s her hobby (exposing hate and her bitterness on to the public so she can have a feeling of revenge satisfaction for her lust for hate)In more or less words.
        However she is making a fool of herself as does that clown and liar conman Garth Mcvicar that has been covering up child rapes on behalf of his long term members to save face and Judy like most of Mcvicars sidekicks would well know about this and turns a blind eye so I do not feel sorry for her fat back side at all.
        You would notice no matter what you explain to Judy she can only make a stupid response of denial as she is full of bitterness and Mcvicar keeps that fire alight and she gets off on it and could not car less about child rapes or anyone else accept her miserable self.
        I am not wrong about Mcvicar also he is welcome to sue me any day he wants and take the matter to court instead of using a family court gag order to silent witnesses who have to pay to take the matter further to court as Mcvicars lawyers are totally dishonest and have designed this system for Mcvicar and the rapist of children to duck for cover but the cover will be uncovered soon as most of nz knows mcvicar is sponge that is placing fear in older vulnerable peoples lives to suck money from them to fuel his hate machine and using mentally disturbed people like Judy as a throw away pawn.

  3. Hi Judy,

    I am very sorry for your loss, I haven’t had immediate family loss, plus I have been very close to a rape case involving someone out on bail for just that offence.

    However I do not think that the style of justice which Mr McVicar adheres to adds nothing to the wider debate about crime in this country. He comes across more interested in retribution and is too vengeful for my liking. I haven’t heard one single word of moderation from the man, and if you listen to this guy then you’d truly believe that we live in one lawless state, where the judges are weak and no one goes to jail, or if they do, they are out before you know it. When in actual fact the facts and figures tell a very different story.

    We are actually tough on our criminals, the prison muster (don’t you just love that term, muster) is greater than it’s ever been, sentences are longer and despite individual cases Parole is harder to get. And if National or ACT get their way we’ll be building even more prisons (which they were very critical of Labour of doing).

    But his assertions that our justice system is a “big con” is meaningless, adds nothing to the debate and just makes people more bitter and twisted (either against him, or against society).

    • Julia Sartorio

      Hi Paul

      I am a producer from TVNZ and would like to talk to you further about Garth McVicar. Can you e-mail me and I will call you on the best contact number.
      Thank you
      Julia sartorio

      • Julia Sartorio

        If you are a reporter then why do you not track down the facts about Garth Mcvicars child rape cover ups ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Julia Sartorio

        I am surprised how you back Garth Mcvicar as you should well know about Garth Mcvicar and his child rape cover ups and if you do not then ask or your superiors who well know.
        If you think Mcvicar is a normal human and not a blood sucker I will never watch your documentaries as they would be full of cheating and lies with twisted word or you are just downright stupid and arrogant to get suckered by the likes of Mcvicar or are you looking for brownie points because you think Mcvicars going to make a good story because bad new sells well in NZ.
        NZers are on to Mcvicar and is only the very old people that turn up to Mcvicars meetings or lynch mobs looking for revenge that are his members .
        Documentaries are meant to be balanced not with one side especially with people that cover up child rapes you are trying to make look good.
        If you are a reporter for TV then why not find out more about Garth Mcvicars child rape cover ups and do your job honestly as the rapist still walk free and are getting away with this simple because Mcvicar chooses to save face and protect hislong time members from been caught.
        As they say NZers are like mushrooms and are kept in the dark thanks to the likes of your TVNZ journalism.

  4. Judy Ashton

    Paul, Thank you for your reply
    Having met and spent considerable time with Garth he is certainly not vengeful. He is trying to put a stop to the increasing crime in NZ and if that means getting harder on criminals I am all for it. I would suggest you visit the SST website and read the stories of victims, see how an increasing number of violent offenders have ruined the lives of innocent NZ families. Garth is not alone in his fight for tougher penalties on crime as a deterrent to prevent reoffending, but because he is speaking out that upsets some and so they try to make him out to be the bad guy. A growing number of victims are now standing up and adding their voice in support for him and the trust because we have had a first hand experience with our so called justice system. My daughter was 20, Her killer was given name suppression and it was only after sentencing and the lifting of the suppression order that I was able to seek the truth about her death. If you have the time I would suggest you read the 80 page report commissioned by the State Services Commission on the “Ministerial Inquiry into matters relating to the death of Debbie Ashton”. Until Debbie was killed I never had any reason to question my believe in the justice system including the law, but the failings within police and corrections have changed that, and I intend to do all that I can to make a difference so that another life is not taken and many others destroyed because of it. Statistics can be very misleading. to me they are not broken down enough e.g. minor and serious crimes etc. Muster is an appropriate word not all prisoners are animals but many of the serious offenders are. Parole what a joke. Debz killer was given 5 1/2 years, in November 2 weeks before the 2nd year of her killing we get a letter giving us four months notice that he is eligible for parole. That was a huge “kick in the guts” when I was already down due to agony of relieving the lead up to that fateful night.
    If victims were given more of a chance to speak about the real justice/injustice that we have experienced and people are prepared to listen to us together with the statistics that are thrown at us then I believe people would be far better informed to make comments. Statistics can be manipulated, the injustice that not only I but other victims have had to face and live with can not be. I look forward to further comment once you have read the ministerial report and viewed the SST website, in particular the recent DVD “New Zealand – A land fit for Criminals – why?”
    Maybe they will challenge you to rethink your views on Garth.

    • Hi Judy
      You are just another victim Garth Mcvicar preys on and he is simply using you and opening your wounds like most of the suckers that are backing him especially the grannys he places fear into their lives to suck money from them.
      NZers know Mcvicars a hate moger and the press are onto Mcvicar for some time now for his cover up crimes on behalf of his SST members meaning reapeated child rapes as young as 6 years old.
      You look at his members who all have related family suffer from past crimes but these hate mongers are not growing and are going in circles in their past memories Mcvicar keeps a light.
      All NZ politcians know all about Mcvicar and his child rape cover ups and mcvicars dark age thinking.
      Its only time Police will place Mcvicar him self in jail for covering up child rapes.

      • Judy

        I have not been nor am I being preyed upon. I am an independent thinker troubled by the almost unbelievable circumstances surrounding my daughters death. I am committed to ensuring changes are made within our justice system and to victims rights so that others will not have to experience what my family has had to endure at the loss of a dearly loved and valued family member. My wounds can not be reopened because until those who contributed to my daughters needless death are held accountable, they will never close over.
        One has to be very careful about what one writes, it could come back to bite you big time. Judy

      • Yes you are troubled by the almost unbelievable circumstances surrounding your daughters death and is why Garth Mcvicar is preying on people like you especially old people for their money.
        What do you mean be carful about what one writes it could come back and bite you ?????
        Are you part of Garth Mcvicars child rape cover ups ????
        I am not scared of the truth but Mcvicar is but as I understand the media and politcians know Mcvicar is a fake and hate monger and most of all cover up child rapes.
        I do not mean to offend your geelings but are being 100% honest and again I am not afraid to be honest and are letting you know Mcvicar is a fake as surley you can not be that blind with revenge.

      • Hi Judy
        I checked you on the web search engines and yes you are caught up in Mcvicars scam and he is pouring bags of salt on your wounds and seems you want to be a noter as you say its now your hobby and are a nelson branch for Mcvicars hate and revenge.
        People that thrive on hate like your self lead a misarable live as revenge brings a high like drugs but in the end will run your life as it is doing now and people are distanceing them selfs from you except the leach Mcvicar .
        My advice to you is focus on love and not focus on blame as no one cares as there are others with bigger problems such as cancer, aids or over seas while you get fate are starving children.
        You are fat and one third of the planet have not enough food to eat.

        Have you thought about saving starving children or expsong the child rape Mcvicar is cover up.

  5. KINTO

    Hi Judy,

    Again, I am sorry for your loss. The problem that I believe Paul is trying to get at, and many others who look at the topic in detail is that Garth McViccar is simply wrong. No research backs up his claims, on the contrary, it shows that his style of justice increases crime rates.

    As I’m sure you wouldn’t wish what your family has been through on any one, I would kindly ask you to reconsider your position in support of Mr McViccar. The simple fact of the matter is that his policies increase the crime rate and make New Zealand a dangerous place.

    Mr McViccar himself is either vengeful or misguided. Personally I think hes a simple man with not very much idea what hes on about, being strung along by a whole lot of much smarter people who should know better. But thats my opinion.

    Again, I am truely sorry for your loss.


    • Paula

      Maybe you need to look at some of the facts from other countries before you say he is wrong. New York has changed from being one of the worst cities for crime to one of the safest by having a zero tolerance to crime policy. If thats not tough what is? Its about time we stopped having a go at people who are trying to help victims. You say his policies increase the crime rate. Where do you get your facts from! Garth is not the one out their causing this crime the offender is. Maybe you should come and sit in a room for one hour with people who are members of SST and hear the stories before you make a judgement. We are not vengeful we just want to protect others and stop them from becoming victims.

      • ER

        Can you please provide a source of these facts about the effectiveness of zero tolerance in NY?
        Is there anywhere that states that zero tolerance was and is the main reason for the change in crime rates?
        Are you sure there are absolutely no other social factors that may also have contributed to reduced crime, such as (from the top of my head): poverty reduction, community projects, decline in drug use and/or better drug education, early and improved intervention in problem communities and problem families, etc?

        One example:

        Which do you think is a better aim – more punishment to be applied after a crime is committed, or more intervention at some level – family, community, other – before the crime? The former is easier to sell, seems immediate and sadly to many is more satisfying while the latter is not so visible nor immediate but may prevent a jail sentence and *also* prevent creating a victim of a crime.

        Crime will always happen no matter the punishment. I’d rather have less prisons *and* less victims rather than just “more prisons” . How does zero tolerance achieve that?

      • Actually the massive reduction in crime that New York (and many other cities in the USA) can wholly be attributed to the earlier legalization of abortion, you can read about that here:

        Most of the policies he promotes do not do anything to reduce crime, others (like the 3 strikes rule for example) are proven to increase the incidence of crime.

        Two things I am finding increasingly distasteful is 1, the growing personality cult around “Garth”, and 2, the manner in which he exploits peoples grief. Also note below where a poster is complaining about “the left”, Garth McVictim and the Sensible Sentencing Trust is far more a right wing extremist political lobby group than something that exists for the benefit of society.

      • Paula

        I have talked to Garth Mcvicar on the phone several times also I have his emails he sent to me about child rapes his SST side kick members are involved in also Garth mcvicar has been sent affidavits from witnesses about the rapes and his members to verify the facts about his members are involved in the child rapes.
        Surprisingly to the witnesses Mcvicar gathered his SST lawyer and the SST accused members and devised a plan how to keep the matter silent from public knowledge which the oldest and only trick in the book was used and Mcvicar signed a affidavit to side with the child rape cover up on behalf of his members for a gag order from the family courts.
        Mcvicar lied to the courts stating he was threatened by me who the remark I said is if he covered up the child rapes for his side kick members the matter would go public and was no threat at all but my duty as a man of honour.
        Mcvicar is a dirty rotten scoundrel and liar that sinks to the lowest of levels event to the stage of letting the rapist rape more children so he can save face.
        Some other examples about Mcvicar who supported a cage fighter martial artist after he attacked his uncle and killed him over a owner ship of a cow which Mcvicar turned up to court and asked for charges to be dropped as he did the young person that was hunted down and murdered for writing on the wall of the murderer .
        Mcvicar is a crazy power hunger monster using the vulnerable older people to leach cash for his hobby of hate revenge SST.
        The end answer is simple and asks Garth Mcvicar to give you the affidavits and letter from witnesses about the child rapes as theses come from people with a clean record and not even a parking ticket.

      • Stephen

        New York got tough on the basics such as jay walking, attending all burglary’s, traffic violations i.e. broken tail lights or poor driving such as rapid lane changing. Because in the process they caught people who were on their way to commit a major crime, therefore they prevented major crimes such as murder or rape from occurring. Sure they also tackled major crime rings, criminals etc but it was the get tough on the basics that really bought major rewards to solving or preventing crime.

  6. Harry Young

    Longer sentences do work for a simple reason, if a violent criminal/rapist/murderer is in jail, he is not out attacking other people.
    Repeat violent criminals should be out of the way, so that they do not get the chance to do it again, for the rest of their lives, if necessary.
    Of course the causes of some crime are complex and may involve bad parenting, abuse or poverty and those things need addressing. The SST wholeheartedly agree and I don’t know why there is a misconception that they do not.
    If a minor offender can be turned round by mentoring, education, restorative justice and the like, the SST are behind that too.
    And finally NZ is NOT tough on criminals. We are soft. We have a low rate of imprisonment PER CRIME, because we have a high crime rate.

  7. Chris

    Its always interesting that the McVicar tribe come to his defense without any evidence or valid academic research. The defense is always based on emotion, which is why victims should have little to no say in criminal justice policy.

  8. Andy

    I would not describe Garth as vengeful at all . The heading of this thread is vengeful “Garth McVicker fuck off ” . Is their any need for that ? Talk about violence you have some anger management issues yourself that you need to take care of. Garth is simply trying to prevent further carnage from a failed parole system & light sentences which have been perpetrated on us by the softly softly approach of a left wing justice system.By condemning Garth all you are doing is helping to sustain a corrupt system.
    Interesting how Garth is frequently attacked by left wing media yet no one offers any realistic logical viable alternative.Left wingers are currently happy to release dangerous crims into the community so they can go & create more havoc. As long as one doesn’t come into their own backyard .

    • Andrew

      Obviously sir, you have not read any of the abundance of academic research so-called left wing people put out. I’m not talking about studies that politicians put out without it being peer reviewed, not studies that would buy votes and advance ones public image, but research that have been put out by our country’s, hell even the world’s most brilliant scholars because the over-whelming majority would disagree with everything you have just stated.

    • Andy
      You must be dreaming as Garth Mcvicar lives for revenge and hate as thats his drug he gets of on also he covers up child rapes and following blind sheep like you let Mcvicar get away with it.
      NZ is a bunch of cowards that stand back and let children be raped as Mcvicar is the wolf in sheep clothing.
      Any one with common knowlege knows Mcvicar is a fake, conman and village idiot with out knowing he is also a child sex offender or in other words covers up child rapes to protect his long time members so he saves face.

  9. Lara

    Thank the good Lord someone has noted Garth’s so-called “Victim Support” org. I can’t believe how ignorant and naive a majority of New Zealanders can be. I hate why he tries to preach and it’s not fair because these people are vulnerable victims and extremely desperate for justice. To me personally, I feel Garth is trying to use their vulnerability to put him on the spotlight, probably trying to work his way to the Government.

    I don’t trust the man. Here’s a clear example of Garth’s bullshittery trash talk. Mr Hypocrite supported Bruce Emery who was charged with a 15 year old’s manslaughter back in Feb 09. Here’s a link below:

    Featured on Sunday Star Times:WHILE NOT quite cheering from the sidelines, conservative lobby groups such as the Sensible Sentencing Trust have not been shy in their support of vigilantes.

    Frontman Garth McVicar has been outspoken in his support of Bruce Emery, the Manurewa man who stabbed tagger Pihema Cameron to death and was convicted of manslaughter.

    And the trust helped fund the defence of gun shop owner Greg Carvell when he was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm after shooting a robber. The charge was dismissed.

    “Bruce Emery was not a recidivist offender, he’ll never commit another crime in his life,” McVicar says. “He just got to boiling point, breaking point, and was forced to do what he did. If those entry-level crimes like graffiti were dealt with in the beginning, you wouldn’t have Bruce Emery before the courts.”

    McVicar says vigilantism is on the rise. “If you can’t trust the system to protect you or at least deliver justice for you, then people will take the law into their own hands. That was one of my biggest fears eight years ago when we set up and that has come to fruition today.”

    What the heck!!!!!!! So he does have a bit of sympathy for offenders and frankly, he doesn’t give a bleeding shit what he preaches as far as I’m concern. And to hear him shit out words that speak right from him ass makes me ill!!!! Garth if you read this, f#ck off and get a real job loser!

  10. David

    In the case of Greg Carvell:
    1. Why was a handgun not locked in an approved safe?
    2. Why was the ammunition not stored in a separate place?
    3. Why was the revolver loaded?
    4. A was shot was discharged in a public place.
    5. No regard for public safety was considered.
    6. The bullet travelled through the shop window into the street.
    7. Had this bullet struck and injured/killed someone, would the charge been dismissed?

  11. jack

    bring back common law, if someone commits murder, hang him – is there a reason to keep him alive ?, does humanity benefit from this ?.
    remember guns dont kill people do, so guns does not have legal entity, if someones shoots and kills then he goes to jail,death. not the gun.
    i have the right to bare arms to protect my family and myself!

  12. Benny jet

    One way to minimize the chances of being lied to by Garth Mcvicar is to understand that his personality is that of a psychopath who are expert at the art of lying and cheating, doing it frequently and often in subtle ways. This is a very subtle form of lying by withholding a significant amount of the truth. This technique is also used in propaganda

  13. Benny jet

    Garth Mcvicar, evil psychopath

    The elderly, when hearing a sales pitch from Garth Mcvicar they are less likely to consider that it could be a con. They are prone to giving money to someone like Mcvicar as you will see at Mcvicars meeting are normally into their eighties, a common theme is a perpetrator who identifies something that matters to an older person and then uses it to coerce an older person into a particular action.
    Victims think Mcvicar as “trustworthy” but Mcvicar grooms older people (befriend or build a relationship with them) in order to establish a relationship of trust.
    Victims of crime Mcvicar preys on are chronic depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and anger, the core feature of this definition is that it focuses on harms where there is “expectation of trust” of the victim towards Mcvicar.
    This form of Poisonous pedagogy” is a behavior that is passed on from generation to generation by being euphemized and sanitized, in a nutshell, “poisonous pedagogy” is what happens when someone like Mcvicar believes, or claims to believe, that a behavior demonstrates that the “seeds of evil”, and therefore attempts to weed out the evil, by emotional manipulation.
    Mcvicar having a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the victim if necessary, manipulating and concealing aggressive behaviors that portrays positive reinforcement such as praise, superficial charm, superficial sympathy, (crocodile tears) facial expressions such as a forced laugh or smile,
    Victims find it hard to tell if Mcvicar is lying at the time they do it, although often the truth may be apparent later when it is too late.
    One way to minimize the chances of being lied to by Garth Mcvicar is to understand that his personality is that of a psychopath who are expert at the art of lying and cheating, doing it frequently and often in subtle ways.
    An excuse made by the Mcvicar for inappropriate behavior, rationalization is closely related to spin.
    Garth Mcvicar manipulating refuses to pay attention to anything that may distract from his agenda, saying things like “I don’t want to hear it” or not giving a straight answer to a straight question and instead being diversionary, steering the conversation onto another topic, similar to diversion but giving irrelevant, rambling, vague responses, (weasel words).
    Garth Mcvicars guilt tripping tactics of intimidation are a manipulator suggests to the conscientious victim that results in the victim feeling bad, keeping them in a self-doubting, anxious and submissive position. Mcvicar uses sarcasm put-downs to increase fear and self-doubt in the victim. Mcvicar portrays himself or of someone else’s behavior in order to gain pity sympathy and evoke compassion thereby get something from another. Caring and conscientious people cannot stand to see anyone suffering and the manipulator often finds it easy to play on sympathy to get cooperation more than any other, this tactic is a powerful means of putting the victim on the defensive while simultaneously masking the aggressive. Mcvicars self cloaking, a self-serving agenda in guise of a service to a more noble cause, for example saying he is acting in a certain way for “obedience” and “service” to God or a similar authority figure intent of, Mcvicar who uses charm, praise, flattery or overtly supporting others in order to get them to lower their defenses and give their trust and loyalty him projecting the blame manipulator scapegoats often subtle, hard to detect ways.
    The elderly when hearing a sales pitch they are less likely to consider that it could be a con. They are prone to giving money to someone with a hard-luck story.
    Unfortunately revictimization refers to a pattern wherein the victim of abuse and/or crime has a statistically higher tendency to be victimized again.

  14. V

    Garth Mcvicker and the SST helps to give the victims of crime get closer. The people who attend his meetings are those who are victims and those who feel that something needs to be done about the crime… i attend them and i’m 17 years old , so no they are not “old” as you say. The membership fee is $5 which is not unreasonable. Garth is doing great work and there is no reason to tell him “to get a real job” because he has one.

  15. Ron

    These are the facts:
    Prisons are fuller and the senetnces longer than at almost anytime in our history.
    Throughout our history , no matter if the system was more liberal or more punitive, the reoffending rate is always about 50%. No matter how nasty you make prison and no matter how long you stick people in there the reoffending rate will remain at 50%. Conclusion – for at least half of criminals prison does not work.
    If McVicar had any real committment to solving the problem of crime he’d look at ways to reduce it and look at the facts.
    But I saw his reposnse when he returned from Finland which has an extremely successful corrections system that works. “It’s too soft” he said. So – it works but McVicoar doesn’t like it because it’s “too soft”. On the same trip he visited Texas and the famous tent city set up by one of the prisons – harsh, hard labour etc. The results are predictable poor. High crime, high reoffending. “Just what we need” said McVicar. So – it doesn’t work but it’s what we need because it’s harsh?
    McVicar is NOT interested in sorting out crime. He’s inerested in Garth McVicar and using the grief and sadness of others to bolster his bizarre ego.

  16. Ian

    McVicar, he has so much class – he supports MP’s who steal the identity of dead children; if he can condone that he is a hypocrite. End of story.

  17. Ian

    Oh, and Ron you are exactly right; the more you are punitive, the more you make criminals angry, spiteful and willing to do more. The bottom line is that poverty impacts on educational achievement and work prospects; there are many communities with little hope of secure work and the possibility of securing a home. The more opportunities you provide for success (as in Finland, Norway, etc) – that is the more you spend on the social fabric of communities, the lower the crime rate. Instead McVicar and his ACT buddies would rather have all offenders locked up and fed for 30 – 40 years each, not a very cost effective or practical solution.

  18. Ross

    I see Gath McVicar and his group of vigilantes are still happily persecuting people who have legally done their time, unless of course it is him or one of his cronies.

    This man and his cohorts should be gaged or worse.

    My nephew committed suicide because one of the neighbours, who was indecently one of McVicars followers, started putting around rumours about him.

    These people are dangerous!

  19. Ramon

    we all talk about Garth Mcvicar a man who is so hell bent in seeing his outlandish and vigilante ideas. But the same man endorsed steve garrett the lawer come act member of parliament and was found to have falsified a passpor in using a dead babies name and birth certificate. So if Garth Mcvicar does this for his mates and who else has he endorsed to positions of responsibility that had crimminal records also,
    There is a name for Garth Mcvicar and that is a hypocrite and he and his organisation should be closed down because of his and its own hypocracy

  20. Peter

    I have read all of the above replies and you all make valid points. However, I believe that Garth McVicar does not know shit from chewed dates, he is out of touch with the real world, the Danish have run a totally different correction system for years and have less re offenders than us. Why is that Mr McVicar?. We lock our criminals away for whatever duration is handed down and then release them back into society. Anyone who believes that they are now reintegrated needs to pull their head out of the sand and wake up, ask any ex prisoner about reintegration in prison and you will find it does not happen the way the government and Mr McVicar suggest.
    I have seen first hand young teenagers convicted of Manslaughter by killing their best friends in a motor vehicle accident after drinking and driving I saw this twice (by two different people) both under 20 yrs, all agreed even prison guards that these kids did not belong. now they have criminal records forever. Yes they broke the law, yes they should be punished, but sending them to this finishing school is just plan wrong. I see nothing sensible about this sentencing, just plan tougher sentencing.. if it were sensible we would find a better way………instead of listening to the ramblings of this scare monger and his tactics. I spent 5 years inside for something I did not do. I am still trying to clear my name, so don’t tell me about the Justice system or the Corrections department they are a joke and need to be over hauled. I too would like to see sensible sentencing and an over haul of the system but not run by this clown. Garth McVicar pull your head out of your arse and wipe the shit from your eyes and wake up

  21. Ramon

    How many more men are condemned by the actions of Garth and his indotrianated followers that everyone in prison is guilty when they are in Prison. Does Garth McVicar would be surprised by the amount of of false evidence that are placed on the people that are are accused falsly but the police plant evidence against the accused so the police get another conviction or they only place there evidence on inuendo, supposition and rumour. So what has happened to that have been accused falsely of something the y have not done. except to be hounded by a vigilante mob like McVicar and his merry band a media that is hell bent on just making a news story. to hype up the public . For in reality and is not known about alot. It has been found that there are up to 200 cases that have been found that have to be investigated due to the police tampering and making up evidence that put innocent people in prison

    So let there be a purging of our police force and remove any forms of corruption in it

    Alsao these vigilate groups that jump on board and have been proved should be made to publicly humiliated in front the general public through media and there group disbanded for good.. The Leader should then serve a term in prison the same amount as what the falsly accused prisoner has had to face

  22. Ron

    What we do lack in NZ is the personal responsibility idea. If you drink and get in a car, if you take drugs, if you walk down the street smashing stuff or you walk around with weapons in the street….You are responsible for the consequences not the government, not society, Police or even your buddy’s. It’s your choice to do it.

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