Once again, Garth George please shut the F up

Funny that the bitter and twisted old christian wanker is happy that the NZ govt isn’t taking sides or talking too much about Israel, after all “its on the other side of the world”.

333 children dead and counting, I wonder what (if any) is Mr George’s tipping point for dead children?

I really really really hate the fact that The Herald still publishes this old fuckers thoughts, there hasn’t been one moderate or compassionate word from him for years, and how does that help the world?



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7 responses to “Once again, Garth George please shut the F up

  1. Cafe Owner.

    How is this not Apartheid??? How can this be legal in 2009 in New Zealand?

    The silence from the likes of Keith Locke and John Minto is deafening. Can you imagine what would happen if an Israeli cafe owner refused service to two Muslim woman from Gaza, various so called peace groups would be protesting outside 24/7, chanting SHAME SHAME

    Instead, they say nothing, they should be ashamed of themselves for their silence.

    So call woman right’s blogs such as The Hand Mirror and socialist blogs such as the Standard are normally jumping on stories when there is injustice for woman or minority groups, on this occasion they say nothing, that is so hypocritical, how can they say they are for equal rights and peace, here is a man kicking out two woman because they are jews, its disgusting and hopefully this cafe will be closed down shortly.

    I guess you can be a bigoted racist pig as long as your a Muslim, welcome to the world of peace protesters/human rights activists and left wing bloggers.

  2. Brett, there is a very good reason I’ve shut comments off on that comment, I simply don’t want to discuss it.

    What that owner of the Cafe did was political protest pure and simple. I was waiting for a few uppity liberals to get all hot and bothered about it. You seem to not get it, but then that is the whole bloody problem in the middle east. The Jewish people more than anyone else know what it is like to be violently repressed, for a couple of thousand years now. However their imperialist arrogance over the second half of the 20th century didn’t make friends, only enemies, and now they are the aggressors over the weaker opponent (regardless of all of the Hamas shite going on). Do you seriously think that if Camp David way back in the Carter days had actually achieved it’s goals of a form of stability and co-existence then we’d be in this mess, almost definitely not. Small case in point, Gaza and the West Bank, although the western media describes them as “disputed territories”, they are in fact sovereign lands of a people. This didn’t stop so called settlers building essentially replicas of Waco all over these sovereign lands of foreign neighbours. This was accepted by the west and Israel’s biggest supporter the USA as acceptable. How about we build little Kiwi fortresses all over OZ, just because we bloody well want to, should we get away with that. Not only that, the roads that feed these settlements are heavily guarded, criss cross the foreign sovereign nation, blocking towns from being able to interact with each other, people no longer have work to go to etc. These are not the actions of a people who are seeking peace, and they wonder why a political body like Hamas was elected into positions of power? Holly crap it’s not rocket science. But while I am there, no I am not a supporter of Hamas, never have been and most probably never will be. I am a supporter of Children, and while the mighty powerful aggressor continues to kill innocent men women and children in the name of defence (hmm where have we heard that before USA+Iraq) then I most certainly will not view those actions with anything less than contempt.

    Look at it another way. After decades of more or less ripping itself apart with the IRA and all manner of other para-military groups resulting in the death and maming of thousands of people, in the end it was an actual banging together of the heads of those making political decisions which won the day, not guns on the street. Growing up in the 70s there really seemed no end to the Irish crisis bar a British pull out from the North. However through dialogue, dented egos and more bloody talk they got there in the end. Now only die hard IRA folk talk of the struggle, the rest of the country is getting on with it (I know this from personal experience).

    Back to the middle east, a once dispossessed and terrorised people now dispossessing and terrorising people tells me that 2000 years hasn’t taught them anything. Back in NZ, something that we don’t want to or cant accept, like the Jewish people, if you insult or harm an Arab person (no matter where in the world) you are insulting or harming all of the Islamic faith. We are willing to accept that of the Jewish people, but not the Islamic community. So for a disgruntled cafe owner at the bottom of the world to have his 5 mins of fame and launch a political protest, don’t confuse this with Apartheid, racism etc etc. That is over simplification of the issues, and to tell the truth isn’t even a correct description of the issues. Besides they will get fined and/or prosecuted for their actions. The cafe won’t be shut down, on what grounds, uppity liberal sensibilities – or do you want to start making laws to suit your situation too, and how does that make you any different from the Cafe owner?

  3. If it was reversed you would be up and arms and so would other bloggers and so called activists like Minto.

  4. Brett, it’s reversed every day of the year. Don’t be a twat, every single day of the year there is massive injustice by a great power over a weaker power. Being told you can’t visit your neighbours or family because a settler road is in the way. Or you still can’t go to word because the borders are closed. Or everyday the Palestinian people guess if the Israeli people are going to give them power or water.

    It was a simple act of political protest. But oh no the Jewish people must never be offended, what a complete and utter load of crap. Take the protest on the chin and get on with life.

  5. This is New Zealand, anyone no matter what race or religion they are should be allowed to go in any cafe, anything short of that is apartheid.

  6. It’s not fucking apartheid you fool. It’s political protest. He doesn’t have a flat rule that he’s looking to implement full time, it’s a time and place protest.

    Systematic governmental and/or societal bigotry against a specific race or religious over time is apartheid.

    Political Protest – get over it. BTW next time I’m in Invercargill I’m off to get a kebab!

  7. Why not ask for a Danish?

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