NZ or Israel?

“Mr Key said the Government was taking the boyracer problem seriously and agreed with Ms Collins’ call for cars of offenders to be crushed.”

Awesome, will they do that with tanks? Easy isn’t it. Don’t like someone, send in the crushers.


(anyone got an election countdown web ticker?)


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4 responses to “NZ or Israel?

  1. It’s about time a get tough approach has happened. This police officer was targeted and it was premeditated, he could of been killed, how anyone could take the side of these lawbreakers is beyond me.

  2. Well Brett, from the comments on the news tonight it sounds like it wasn’t premeditated.

    As has been pointed out on norightturn, what they have been talking about so far is running very close to ASBO orders.

    There’s already a significant legal abnormality in the treatment of boy racers, in that if a police officer decides your exhaust is over 95dB you have to pay for a test to prove your innocence. Imagine if they tried that with drink driving? recently even a court decided even if a test is returned positive that the police must pay for it.

    Seeing as almost no one outside of car enthusiast circles has a problem with that law, I can’t imagine the public would object to the proposals mooted on tv tonight. Which is a sad state of affairs really when the proposal paraphrases too “any body driving a car that a police officer doesn’t like is liable to have their car ordered off the road\crushed\confiscated ect”. Frustratingly, it makes it a very hard law to comply with (something I try hard to do), some might say impossible even, but perhaps that’s the point.

    How about Brett “any person who authors, publishes or publicizes an inaccurate, offensive or wrong election advertisement is liable for 10 years in jail” but don’t worry, we will only go after the bad guys right? hell why not just make it so police can hand out tickets for anything they don’t like, with the punishment being 6 months to 10 years in jail at the police officers discretion? again don’t worry, they will only go after the bad people, and no we can have the courts undermining them either, so no judicial oversight sorry!

  3. These jackasses had police scanners, they were out to injury a cop, your hatred for the police is so much you end up supporting these criminals, surly not even the most staunch liberal can support these guys?, what happened to this police officer was terrible, the behavior of those boyracers and their actions every weekend needs to be stopped, if that means crushing their cars so be it.

    Now of course, people wont have their cars crushed for having aloud exhaust, but if they start throwing bottles out of their cars at members of the public or cause danger to life, then they will, and if that is the only way to make them obey the law, then I’m all for it.

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