Angernui – the town with no h(ope).

Following on from my simple request to the Mayor of Whanganui to reconsider his council’s decision to correct the spelling of the cities name how does a Mayor respond?


thank you for you time in writing, but our council has made….

Yours …

Don’t be so bloody hopeful, this is the entire text of the response from the Mayor.

You’re an idiot. Go lecture someone else with your stupidity.

Nothing else. No yours….

Very classy Michel aws, not bad for a Mayor that can’t spell it’s name correctly, or is this what you could expect from a very angry confused life long moaning politician.

So sorry Whanganui, you good people deserve so much more.


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17 responses to “Angernui – the town with no h(ope).

  1. The public of Wanganui have spoken and they didn’t want a name change, deal with it, personally I couldn’t careless either way.

  2. Ah take that analogy, the 80% of New Zealanders who thought that homosexuality should remain illegal were right?

    If the correct Maori spelling of the name of the river and town in Whanganui then that is the correct spelling of the name irrespective of what the ill-informed people of Whanganui say.

    It’s a simple matter of respect. My name is Paul, not Pul. Mayor Laws name is not Micael, and according to Maori the correct spelling is Whanganui. It’s so bloody simple it’s embarrassing. New Yrk, Lonon, Pars are all meaningless without the correct spelling.

    The people are wrong and their mayor is the consummate wanker.

  3. This is nothing like the bigots who were against gay rights. Its the name of a town, and the people of that town should decide for themselves.

  4. No it’s every bit like that.

    The name is a Maori name for a river. Because a few whities couldn’t spell the name of the new town correctly is no reason for continued injustice.

    It’s a Maori word, and if Maori say it means nothing without the H included, just as Pais, Lonon, Beiing, Syney and Aucland are meaningless without the correct spelling. New ealand could do so much more to stop listening to arrogant fuck heads like Lws and start listening to each other.

    It’s a Maori word spelt incorrectly, and that’s all there is too it. Laws unfortunately has painted himself into a corner in this issue and he has no dignified way to come out of it with face, well that is except for acknowledging he is wrong, not claiming bias of the Geographical Board. The Geographical Board is not biased and they have done their historical research, his bullshit about rugby refs from South Africa shows his continued arrogance and belittling of the issue.

    Pamerston North

    Really, there just isn’t even a discussion needed on this, it’s the incorrect spelling of a Maori name, get over it.

  5. You don’t live there?? I think the people who live there should decide

  6. I think Maori should decide.

    It’s a Maori issue. Think of it this way. If we were to discover that Mt Cook was spelt wrong and local Maori wanted the correct spelling included, what would we do.

    Oh that’s right, we’d rename it Aoraki/Mt Cook, we did it, wasn’t hard, didn’t hurt anyone.

    Maori name, Maori issue plain and simple

    Brtt Dae? Make Sense

  7. Its an issue for all people who live there to decide, some people may want the Maori spelling some people may want the pakeha spelling, in the end it comes to the people who live there.

    Personally I dont see why people should be against adding the H, but each to their own.

  8. Seriously did you say

    “I dont see why people should be against adding the H, but each to their own.”

    and believe it Bett Dle?

    The fucking correct spelling of the place is Whanganui, NOT Wanganui. FFS it’s not Aucland or Christhurch or Hokitka.

    They are adding the fucking H, because that’s the fucking correct spelling of the place name. Old farts, rednecks and arrogant cunts like Laws are not the people to tell local Iwi what the spelling of their language is to be, only fucking Iwi have that say.

    Jesus mate, it is so not an issue it’s embarrasing.


  9. I don’t go fishing in Lake Wanaa or Wakatiu, nor did I live in Hokitia, think that Aoteaoa is the greatest place in the world.

    Spell the name according to what the local Iwi state it sould be, there isn’t even an if no or maybe about it. It’s like fucking asking someone to add 2+2 with the answer 3, because you don’t recognise the second 2 as having any validity.


  10. businessasusual

    “Old farts, rednecks and arrogant cunts like Laws are not the people to tell local Iwi what the spelling of their language is to be, only fucking Iwi have that say.”

    You might have a better point if Te Reo was a written language prior to European arrival.

  11. No I wouldn’t, the inability of the early settlers to differentiate the phonetic pronunciation of the local Iwi’s dialectical nuisances is no basis for continual thumbing of one’s nose to Tāngata Whenua.

    The correct spelling of the city includes the H, and that is all there is to it. To claim otherwise is racist.

  12. To think the spelling of a certain word doesn’t have a H in it, is racist????????

    How is it racist?

  13. businessasusual

    “The correct spelling of the city includes the H, and that is all there is to it. To claim otherwise is racist.”

    Are you smoking crack when you write this drivel or does it come naturally ?

  14. and are you guys complete cunts (isn’t it wonderful to be yelling at each other in such expletives, seemingly the cyber version of carrying a big stick), for not realising that the simple historical, cultural, anatomically correct (whatever you want to call it) correct spelling of Whanganui is with the H.

    Bett Dae and some twat business… (meet the new boss, same as the old boss) perpetuate the myth that Micael Lws is an intelligent person fighting the good fight. He’s an opinionated wanker with fuck all respect for the correct way of spelling of the city in which he is temporarily the mayor.

    Take is stunningly stupid (really, I had to listen over and over to make sure I had heard him correctly on the radio and tv) remarks over the Geographical boards decision to make the North and South Island names official, but to also include the correct Maori names. Now don’t fall off your chair laughing, he actually said this, and I think I think he believes it to be true.

    He knows of “nowhere in the world where places have two names”. That says it all there. I really don’t need to carry on, it would make a funny piss take t-shirt, like the ones you see on MrVintage – you know when you are desperately trying to look retro cool with a Spot On t-shirt.

    Obviously Mr Laws has a really fucking small world experience, for so many countries that I have travelled in, there is two spellings of place names, the Original or indigenous spelling and the colonial spelling (be it Portuguese, Spanish, French or English). You even see it in fucking Akaroa, he practically lives under the shadow of a living belching momento to the hollowness of his argument – does anyone actually call it Mt Egmont anymore, Mt Taranaki is just the normal right thing to do. But as for his mono-monikered world, try taking a trip to Wales, of Hong Kong, or Canada, or for fucks sake, anywhere in the world that isn’t as arrogant and stupid as here to think that English is the one and only correct language and the appropriate language for place names.

    He’s an arrogant twat, and you guys are just dumb fucks for believing that his argument holds any validity – it doesn’t.

    Funny thing, if Mt Egmont has shown us anything, Mr Laws is irrelevant and in years to come Whanganui in Te Ika a Maui o Aotearoa, as per Capt. James Cooks spelling will be common place and the bravado and chest beating of Laws will long be forgotten.

  15. I still cant see how its racist, it may be the wrong spelling, but how is is it racist?

  16. Paul

    Well if you can see that it may be wrong yet one decides that the course of action they have decided upon still be the one they choose, and race is one of the primary factors then it’s a sinple racist act.

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