RIP Democracy

In no uncertain terms shall today go down as anything other than the death of democracy in New Zealand. Personally this is one of the most depressing days ever.

Let me make this clear and loud (because there are some really fucking dumb people out there justifying these actions).

Removing the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED people’s representatives, replacing them with one’s own cronies, with no set date for the return to elections, makes this Government’s actions no different from that of the Fiji Coup leaders.

Commodore Rodney Hydemarama and Nick Smith have fucked the people of Canterbury, they have treated democracy with complete and utter contempt, and thus have fucked the people of NZ.

All the bleating and tears from the right during the previous Labour government pale into minuscule insignificance compared to these actions.

But these aren’t the only people’s representatives they’ve fucked. The Polytechnic’s have had this same treatment.

So there you go NZ, the govt you deserve (you have obviously all been very naughty people to deserve this shit).

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