if you must.

(for those over at Kiwiblog), it’s called Dyslexia, OK.

As you may guess from the title, I’m dipping my toes in the world of social and political commentary.

There is so much stupidity out there, that the blogosphere has become a place to vent one’s spleen, to shout from the virtual soap box.

Time has come for me to step up on my soap box.

For those desperate to judge:

After family
Mad, passionate, fanatic of Everton Football Club
Test cricket (the pajama stuff if I have to but certainly not the ADHD stuff.)
Loves Canterbury rugby.
Drinks and would love to see smoking banned off the face of the planet
Proud heritage in Harness Racing
Over doting parent of two youngsters…

For the lawyers or tell-tales?

Not a member of any political party.
Engages in political comment and satire (still legal?)
Fabulously left after all these years (Guess I still need to grow up and go right?)

The views expressed here are not those of any political party, and anyone can vote for whomever they seem fit, it is a democracy remember, just make it informed and without the festering hatred of those less fortunate than yourself.

{hat-tip Kiwiblog}