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(Un)Super Dorkland

No Maori direct representation – OMGFG. But I guess that’s what happens when the Hall Monitor ACT (Association of Cunts and Tyrants) Local Govt Minister gets involved. The largest Polynesian City in the world will have a white middle aged male council – mark my words.

Could I possibly ask WTF is the point of a Royal Commission, thousands of submissions and the Govt makes it’s own daft policy on this?

Good luck Auckland you are going to fucking well need it.

Memo to Auckland, don’t take us down with you please, we are actually all right down here.



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NZ or Israel?

“Mr Key said the Government was taking the boyracer problem seriously and agreed with Ms Collins’ call for cars of offenders to be crushed.”

Awesome, will they do that with tanks? Easy isn’t it. Don’t like someone, send in the crushers.


(anyone got an election countdown web ticker?)


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National is taking you for a fool

Policy Policy Policy,

to misquote a very annoying VP at Microsoft whom infamously danced, screamed and sweated across the stage at a developers conference uttering “Developers, developers, developers….”

So with an election on the horizon, literally months away, and the public are expected to be able to understand what the parties stand for (some change their spots overnight – National and Student Loans), it’s not too much for the public to know what the leading party is planning for the country.
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Crime’s out of control…

This from the Herald

The New Zealand crime rate remained flat in 2007, while police resolved almost 10,000 more offences than the previous year.

Police crime statistics released today showed a small increase in total recorded offences with 426,380 – 0.5 per cent more than 2006.


Again that’s just not fair, I thought according to Simon Power and all those over at Kiwiblog, that this country is spiraling out of control in a depraved crime wave.

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We are happy with our hospitals

This from the Herald

Patient satisfaction in New Zealand’s public hospitals has reached near record levels, but emergency department waiting times have room to improve, a Government report shows.

The Ministry of Health’s latest Hospital Benchmark Information quarterly report shows overall patient satisfaction levels were the second highest since reports began in 2000 , with a level of 88.5 per cent for the October to December, 2007, quarter.

The results show an improvement from the previous quarter, when overall patient satisfaction sat at 87.7 per cent.


Jezz isn’t it a pain when the truth gets in the way of NZ bashing as National is engaged in.

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When one’s ego is just too big to see the picture

A very typical ploy of the oh-so affected middle class intelligentsia these days is to decry the death of freedoms, muddled up with imagery of cottonwool nanny states resembling a kinder Plunketesque NAZI state.

The latest of these concerned individuals to step up to the plate to have a moan about the overpowering state is the sometime ex-broadcaster Bill Ralston. His grumble is that the Government is looking into the foods that we are giving our kids, and the effects it has on them, namely obesity. Included among some of the areas being investigated for the new Public Health Bill, the government may have the power to control where and how supermarkets display unhealthy food.

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It’s policy of sort – the claytons policy

With regard to the size of bureaucracy in New Zealand, John Key was once again in the papers with a very muddled message.

“In a speech today, Mr Key pledged to cap the number of public servants at their current level and said he days of a growing public service were over.”
Over the past eight years the bureaucracy has grown out of all proportion to those parts of the state sector that actually service the public.”

What no slash and burn? If bureaucracy has ‘grown out of all proportion” why isn’t there room for a trim Mr Key?

So either you agree with the size of the bureaucracy or you don’t, and if you don’t nobody is indispensable, trim some of the fat.

Or is this a simple case of saying something to look like something important is being said, without actually saying anything, least of all policy. Mind you after the two weeks he’s had, he could do with saying simple easy things. I’m still waiting for the rebuttal from Key that he didn’t actually say “I firmly believe we have enough bureaucrats to do the job“. There will be a denial in not time what so ever. Because what he’s actually saying is that, bureaucracy isn’t to big, and obviously was severely understaffed, becuase if to get to the right level it is at today, with a blowing out of public service numbers over the past few years, some catching up was needed.

Or are you just being a talking head today Mr Key?

Boy is that man confused.

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