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Dunedin welcomes you…

By all means come to Dunedin and present Policy and pimp your party for us to vote for.  There are of course two ways this can be done.

Open meeting at the University of Otago (open to the public and yes the public were there) attracting a crowd close to 1500 with the national media on tow, or

Sneak into Dunedin, this from the ODT today, Continue reading



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It wouldn’t be CHCH without the Din of the exhaust

I guess it could have been one of those departing moments in my life, when I actually became of another generation from those younger than me. Just as my folks were baby boomers, and I Gen X, thus Gen Y or Gen I (in reference to the apparent cult of the individual), has vastly different aspirations and ideals from me.

One of these is quite evident most evenings in CHCH. The ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ ‘racer’ phenonemon that sweeps CHCH most nights, is just bloody silly. Sitting 3 blocks from ‘Nancy’s Corner’ in CHCH the constant din of those bloody mufflers, the non too infrequent squeal of wheels and the all too familiar yells and screams, is a full time reminder of the youth of today and their peculiar obsession with cars.
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While I’m on topic – tagging

Is it just me or has the TV media done one hell of a con job on the public. Brown faces are demons and White ones are unfortunate ‘victims’.

Ow, look at that, I’ll try that again.

Last week saw the most amazing juxtaposition of evil in NZ. A documentary on TV1 called “Real Crime: Beyond The Darklands” with the tag line “Unveiling the Predators among us”. This from the shows blurb.

“How do people become murderers? Are they born with some kind of rogue gene for evil?”

I think it was the promo for the episode on Taffy Hotene , when were were invited to look into the ‘eyes’ of a young Maori killer. You know the show, we all saw the promo all week long, where it paused the video and claimed (with young Maori face frozen) “that is the moment” you saw evil, or words to that effect. This was a portrait of how a young Maori boy could rise to be so bloody evil.

But then at the end of the week we were treated to the ‘fears, concerns and regrets’ of a destroyed man. Tv3’s John Campbell Live show had an interview with the alleged killer of 15-year-old Pihema Cameron. This man is obviously shaken and distressed at what has happened, but is scared for his family. WTF!!! Are you taking the piss TV3. What about the family that has lost a young boy – forever!!! What about their pains and concerns. The perpetrators family will see him again if he does time (not if Barry Corbert of the CCC is on the jury – he’ll get off), but that young boy is dead for good (apologies to those whom believe in an afterlife).

If there was ever an attempt to curb the course of justice, anyone watching that show whom might be on the jury will now have empathy with this guy. So we demonise the young Maori boy and try to humanise the white businessman for his crime of murder.

So once again in NZ the media has drawn the battle lines and it’s all too easy to see who is the good guys and who is just plain evil.


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CCC update

From sources in CHCH, it seems that Barry Corbert claims that his condoning of the murder of a young boy for tagging was taken out of context, and apparently he’s said sorry?

Whom did he apologise to and when, is what I’d like to know? As for the CCC, I haven’t heard a single thing from the council over it’s reaction to Mr Corbert’s comments. After emailing every council member, I would have thought I would have gotten one “Dear… we have taken on board your concerns…”

But no I still haven’t heard a single thing, so taking the silence as an indicator, it appears that the Christchurch City Council condones the actions of the man who allegedly killed a young boy for tagging. Very bad form CCC. Mind you look at that council and you can see where this mentality comes from, poor bloody Cantabrians.

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NZRU doesn’t like you (especially you South Island)

I’ve never been a fan of the NZRU (Rugby Union). Many of their decisions are hard to understand and more often than not recently they have seen to be following the dollar over the development of the game in this country.

This is great for me, Football – (the beautiful game – round ball, the worlds game) is my sport of choice. Having said that, during the 80s Canterbury Ranfulry Shield era, I didn’t miss one Canterbury game, and can remember getting up in the middle of the night with my dad to watch test matches, not to mention those mid week games for the ‘dirt trackers’ that has long gong from the game. Robbie Dean ‘give it a boot Robbie’ was the greatest until Andrew Merthens came along that is, and despite what is almost obvious, I’d have Merts in my team over Carter any day. Mind you I’d still pick Ken Rutherford in my NZ team of the decade 1990s.

Anyway back to the NZRU. First came the incomprehensible twaddle from them last week that the South Island (well any part of the country outside of Auckland) isn’t fit to host a really big rugby match, and thus the two Semi Finals and Final of the Rugby World Cup in 2011 will be in Auckland. My initial reaction is unprintable (even in the blogosphere), but then that turned to uncontrollable laughter when I read their reasonings.

This from stuff web site last week.

Bryan Pearson, chief executive of AMI Stadium administrator Vbase, said they had tried to overcome the various hurdles to hosting semifinals in different cities but it became clear that moving 30,000 people between Christchurch and Auckland in 24 hours was an impossible task.

I don’t get it. Continue reading

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Undie 500

With some justification the local politicians in Dunedin are a little nervous. Nervous because they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t with regard to looking like they are authoritative and in control of the students in Dunedin.

Remember with the Polytec and Uni combined there are roughly 23,000 students in Dunedin, seemingly all are running amock if you are to believe the local council and media. With the ability to find ‘concerned of North Dunedin’ every year we are told that those bloody students are terrorising the local citizens with their drunken antics.

the latest story to get media coverage has been the infamous Undie 500. For those who don’t know it, there is a ‘slow race’/rally between ChCh Uni and Otago every year. It’s been going for donkey’s ages and for the most part is one hell of a hoot (if you are 19 and like that sort of thing). It involves a car that costs less than $500 and getting it to Dunedin if possible, where there is one huge piss up.

Over the last couple of years there has been a tendency during the week-end festivities for things to get out of control and the stupid (but onetime funny) tradition of hauling out the flats couch and burning it on the streets has now become boring and over done. These fires piss most people off, the council, other residents, the fire brigade and of course the ‘concerned’ citizens hunted out by the media.

But what has been the local council’s response to this event, ban it? How can you ban something that you don’t run and don’t have the authority to ban? However if they do have the authority to ban the Undie 500, I would either like to see that power overturned or at least applied to our home grown boy racers.

I would have thought the way to go would have been to normalise/corporatise the event. Get a brewery on board and make the thing so main stream that only those interested in the ‘engineering’ of the event is back to the forefront. Run by the engineering society of canterbury students, this was originally a stunt to for engineering excellence. Get the councils involved along the route, get towns sponsoring the even, prizes etc etc and at the end of it make more money out of the students and throw a party. With a little imagination it would work. I mean get a charity on board and get the little dears collecting money all the way down the mainland, sort of student version of the Variety Club?

I fail to see how ‘banning’ this event will stop the thing going ahead at all. Of course if it was banned the challenge to any smart arsed student is to see how they can do the thing anyway, and of course become legends in their own happy hour.

Any attempt to ban this event just looks reactionary and appeasing the terrorised locals, whom would do better with a council and Mayor who had the ability to thing out of the box and find a way to normalise and thus control the event, rather than trying to look all authoritative, but whom will of course will be made to look stupid once again. The event will go ahead with or without official permission and those at the end in Dunedin will only be even more hyped up for anti-social behavior on the saturday night.

Well done Mayor Chin, fail this course and repeat the year again. Imagination 101 = D fail.

Undie 500

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You Wanker Barry Corbert! Resign now!

Your arrogant white middle aged upper middle class tosser. How dare you make such inflammatory and reprehensible remarks regarding the murder of a young 15 year old boy in Auckland.

For those who don’t know a former radio host from CHCH whom now sits as a representative of the people on the city council, yesterday remarked that the 50 year old man that killed a boy for allegedly tagging on a fence should in Mr Corbert’s words “get away with it”

Admitting he didn’t know the full facts of the case he still went on to say, and stand by the following comments.

“”If I was on the jury, I would let him get away with it, but that is just me”
“Everyone is feeling sorry for the kid and his family, but if the kid was not tagging, he would still be alive.””

I know that the fear ridden lynch mobs that sit glued to talk radio will no doubt support these comments, there is a very ugly underbelly in NZ, where is seems that it is OK to kill those whom you consider not worthy of life – you know the kind, the petty criminals, the litterers, the jay walkers, the skate boarders, the skinheards, the gays, the jews… Where does it stop Executioner Corbert.

Where does it stop, and what council would still allow this asehole to continue to sit on it’s benches is beyond me. If I was still a resident I would be on the streets now demanding this man be removed from office as lynch mobs are reserved for the history books and his attitude should not be that of a representative of the people.

You repugnant bastard, your words belittle your position of responsibility. You quite literally are a disgrace.

See that smile, those pearly whites – wouldn’t hurt a fly, seems he condones the killing of young boys on the streets though.


You add nothing to the debate on crime, yet fuel the flames of hatred and distain and hence are a waste of space.

Shame, Shame, Shame!!!

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