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Breaking News: You will not die from Bacon Flu, unless…

You are stupid enough to follow the news on TV and believe any of the shit they tell you.

13 people died on our “Killing Field” Roads (how fucking insulting is that to the Vietnamese people) this weekend, 0 died of bacon or porker flu. 13 died from smoking today, tomorrow and the next day…

Get some bloody perspective and don’t believe the hype. Yes be wary, but that snivel you have isn’t the beginning of the end, it’s a fucking cold.

One thing health officials can confirm, is that there will be saturation TV coverage of someone dying in Mexico – FFS how many starving kids die of Malaria everyday, that’s fucking curable and highly contagious.

Here we bloody well go again, might get some videos I’ve been meaning to catch up on for a while, OneNews and 3News are off the menu for a while, mmmmm bacon butties though, YUM,


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it is Whanganui – no debate.

Open letter to Mic( )ael Laws and more or less the whole city of Whanganui.


some time ago when I was a young ideological student in the late 1980’s I watched with absolute horror at the country and it’s frenzy to keep the Homosexual Law Reform Bill from passing. So fervent was the opposition, that nearly 80% of the country was opposed to the bill, hundreds of thousands of people signed the petition – so impassioned was the opposition they even managed to get Mickey Mouse to sign the petition. This was a moral campaign.

Skip a couple of years watching a Spike Lee movie. The most memorable moment in the movie to me was when the father was teaching the son that the most important thing in the world is respect. Respect for fellow human beings leads to greater understanding and empathy. Despite all of the racial mayhem going on around them, the father was taking the time to teach the child this most wonderful and basic of human traits – respect.

Fast forward to Wanganui 2009. Same impassioned people, same fervent opposition, to yet another seemingly non issue. I care not one bit for your opposition to the name of the city being returned to it’s correct spelling. I care that the somewhat ‘majority’ of the people have been conned into thinking that disrespecting the local indigenous people is a good state to be in.

It is very simple, the name of the River and the city includes the H, without it, it is meaningless, further it is disrespectful. It says, we know this is how it should be spelt, but we don’t care, your language and mana whenua mean nothing to us. Just as Micael Laws without the H is meaningless, so is Whanganui.

I always mistook you for someone with a level of reason and intelligence, however seemingly backing oneself into a corner with no way out often results in intrenched opinions at the detriment of rational debate. The respect that I once held for you would easily be found again, if you showed the local IWI that very same respect and gave them their name back. Hundred year old injustices don’t need to be perpetuated in New Zealand 2009. Just as our elected officials took the less popular approach and bought Homosexuality into the public realm with dignity, as should the elected officials in the case of the correct spelling of the city Whanganui

Thank you very much for your time sir.


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TV3 grow a brain

North Shore Mayor Williams is not the one who has imposed a 6c a litre petrol tax on the rest of us to pay for Auckland’s internationally embarrassing transport system.

As Mr Williams said on The Panel (against the astoundingly ill informed Michelle Boad – now there’s a surprise), that 4 years ago Auckland was given the mandate to come up with a solution to the embarrassment that is Auckland’s transport system. After cross party and cross council talks and negotiations, translated 4 years of hard work, Auckland did come up with a solution, only for the National Party ideologues to come in and scrap the plan.

A couple of things straight off the bat.

I thought National was the party that wanted less government in people’s lives – well except this case where they know better.
I thought National was the party that was going to lower taxes – well except for this case.

Auckland found it’s solution to it’s problems and the new government has come in with a juvenile stiffy and big balls and told Auckland that they know better – piss off.

Jesus good luck Auckland sorting this mess out, cap in hand to Central Government, least of all trying to deal with the increasingly insane John Banks. FFS what a complete cock-up. I’m now gonna pay for another fucking road in Auckland – what genius came up with that plan.

And TV3, he wasn’t the one that imposed the tax on the rest of us, so please don’t take the piss with such poor journalism.

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Could make you vomit


Anyone spot the irony of this image?

If I was the organisers of the Parihaka Peace Festival, I’d be mighty pissed off that my banner was at the top of a page that was giving approval of the bombing of innocent men women and children.

It really fucks you off to think that even in NZ there are so many people with so much hate in their hearts and minds. When you honestly and truly believe statements like “They are not bombing civillian populations” then you have a warped and disturbed view of who and what are innocent civilian populations. And if you can reduce the whole nasty shit fight to a leftist UN cock-up, then you need to see a doctor quick.

Because if the image of a dead child’s arm emerging from the rubble of a house bombed full of innocent people doesn’t make you sick and bloody angry, you are unworthy of the title member of the human race – you are nothing more than a beast. I have two boys, 3 and 5 and this image makes me sick to my core – I still can’t look at it, even when I was uploading it.


There are no winners here, everyone looses.

Comments are off, as they will only piss me off. Head over to the blind and stupid pro Israeli Kiwiblog to put up with their vile bullshit on this topic.


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What is the point of Paul Henry?

I seriously don’t know what the point for the existence of Paul Henry of breakfast television?

His vile right wing libertarian bullshit stands him alongside some of the most bigoted waste of spaces they have on the Fox network. The only person in the world who thinks he’s either clever or funny is Paul Henry.

The sooner TVNZ gets his vile smug arrogant bigoted mug off the box the better. He’s a blight on NZ television and does nobody any good.


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Matthew Hooton is a Cock

Sir you are an obsessive and compulsive LIAR, Helen Clark does not have a worse environmental record than George Bush. The figures are there for anyone to see and read, you just choose to be a wanker about it.

Helen Clark did not open up the Arctic regions to oil exploration. Hooton is a pathological liar and why the hell doesn’t someone take him for his word. What would have been inspired would be for John Campbell to roll-up his paper and wack Hooton around the ear ever time he lied like that.

Shut the fuck up you twat.


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Stuff winning the web coverage

So early in the night, there is a clear winner as far as web coverage goes, that goes to

They have actually employed dynamically updated graphical representation of the seats. The other sites are pitiful compared.

It’s a shame that we were spoilt by the US elections with the stunning coverage from not only the television coverage but the likes of NY Times and other massive news media organisations. But look at the heralds coverage, it’s ugly, there’s no attempt at any graphical representation, this is all very boring, and to tell the truth in this day and age of web2.0 mashable google maps etc, this simply isn;t good enough.

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