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Could make you vomit


Anyone spot the irony of this image?

If I was the organisers of the Parihaka Peace Festival, I’d be mighty pissed off that my banner was at the top of a page that was giving approval of the bombing of innocent men women and children.

It really fucks you off to think that even in NZ there are so many people with so much hate in their hearts and minds. When you honestly and truly believe statements like “They are not bombing civillian populations” then you have a warped and disturbed view of who and what are innocent civilian populations. And if you can reduce the whole nasty shit fight to a leftist UN cock-up, then you need to see a doctor quick.

Because if the image of a dead child’s arm emerging from the rubble of a house bombed full of innocent people doesn’t make you sick and bloody angry, you are unworthy of the title member of the human race – you are nothing more than a beast. I have two boys, 3 and 5 and this image makes me sick to my core – I still can’t look at it, even when I was uploading it.


There are no winners here, everyone looses.

Comments are off, as they will only piss me off. Head over to the blind and stupid pro Israeli Kiwiblog to put up with their vile bullshit on this topic.



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Anyone keep count

Remember this is the party that was going to give you money in your back pocket, the party of tax cuts.


Workers to pay large increase in ACC levies from next year
6:14PM Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

The average worker will have to pay a 21 per cent increase in their ACC bill next year, rising from $658 a year to $799, ACC Minister Nick Smith said today.

So they’ve promised sod all in tax cuts with one hand and with the other hand, middle finger firmly raised they’ve already started taking.

Nice, remember you voted these wankers in – nice one, felling smug now are we, BTW how much is left in your back pocket?

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Newstalk ZB you disgust me

A man picks up a knife and chases two teenage boys from outside his house, he subsequently stabs and kills one of them, and is eventually convicted of Manslaughter. Yet Newstalk ZB has continually portrayed this man as the victim, and went so far as to interview someone close to him, and giving that person the ‘call of the day’ award.

The man is a convicted killer, he unlawfully took the life of a young boy, the whole bloody case is tragic, but there is a family out there without their son for his actions.

I can’t help but feel if the murder was dark skinned and they were convicted on the same day – oh that’s right they were. Where was the interview with their family or close friends of the Mob guys going down on the same day, asking how that family is doing? This interview with the ‘close friend’ should never have gone ahead, but even worse, it should not have taken the line that he’s the victim.

Well done to Campbell Live tonight. It was a touching interview with the mother of the boy killed. It was sad and depressing, but very well done. Shame she wasn’t evil and lawless, like they would like us to believe. The mother signed the petition making parents accountable for tagging, she had reprimanded her boy for tagging a table, she was a woman with boundaries, but a child who was like all children rebelling and breaking laws. Not something that should be your death penalty.

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Matthew Hooton is a Cock

Sir you are an obsessive and compulsive LIAR, Helen Clark does not have a worse environmental record than George Bush. The figures are there for anyone to see and read, you just choose to be a wanker about it.

Helen Clark did not open up the Arctic regions to oil exploration. Hooton is a pathological liar and why the hell doesn’t someone take him for his word. What would have been inspired would be for John Campbell to roll-up his paper and wack Hooton around the ear ever time he lied like that.

Shut the fuck up you twat.


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Rogernomics, who found the bloody defibulator?

The only thing that disturbed me on election night was the bizarre speech by new/old ACT (Association of Cunts and Tyrants) MP Sir Roger Douglas complete arrogant, exceedingly irrelevant and somewhat incoherent comments.

The world has been saved from economic oblivion by essentially Kenyesian and Socialist intervention, and the bullshit game played by that old fucker Douglas was nothing but crap. He and other rabid right wing wackos use the threat of economic recession to do nasty shit in the same way that Bush uses the threat of war and terror to do nasty shit. The TINA (there is no alternative) bullshit bribery just doesn’t wash.

How out of touch could one 70 year old man be?

Well done National, but also well done to the left vote for not leaving for the dark side in droves.

Thank you Labour.

Paid Parental Leave
Free Doctors visits for children
Affordable and free early childhood education
Free bus travel for the elderly
Interest free student loans
Removing the defence for hitting children

and the list goes on…

National take those away at your peril.

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Stuff winning the web coverage

So early in the night, there is a clear winner as far as web coverage goes, that goes to

They have actually employed dynamically updated graphical representation of the seats. The other sites are pitiful compared.

It’s a shame that we were spoilt by the US elections with the stunning coverage from not only the television coverage but the likes of NY Times and other massive news media organisations. But look at the heralds coverage, it’s ugly, there’s no attempt at any graphical representation, this is all very boring, and to tell the truth in this day and age of web2.0 mashable google maps etc, this simply isn;t good enough.

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Hall Monitor Busted!

We all know that A.C.T. stands for a Association of C_ _ _ _ and Tyrants, and we’ve all seen Rodney Hide prances about the corridors of parliament telling MPs and lowly staffers to pull their socks up.

So how could it be that the squeaky clan twat could be so blatantly caught out. Seems he’s broken more or less the same rules that he’s accused most other people of. This from The Dominion Post.

Hide’s accusations come back to bite
The Dominion Post | Friday, 24 October 2008
MAARTEN HOLL/The Dominion Post

ACT leader Rodney Hide has been hoist by his own petard after a finding that the party failed to declare $20,000 a year worth of free office space provided by property investor Sir Robert Jones.
The Electoral Commission said the party should have declared the space under rules requiring disclosure of donations in kind worth more than $10,000 a year…

The ruling against ACT says it should have declared the office space, which was donated for several years till 2005. It noted the non-declaration was outside the six-month limit for prosecution, but ordered ACT to make amended returns for the years it used the space.

So does that mean if I break a law, all I have to do is wait 6 months to see if I can get away with it. Talk about two or more sets of rules.

Like all hall monitors they’re just always hiding their own problems by picking on others, I wonder what issues this guy has. Squeaky clean – my arse!

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