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Rogernomics, who found the bloody defibulator?

The only thing that disturbed me on election night was the bizarre speech by new/old ACT (Association of Cunts and Tyrants) MP Sir Roger Douglas complete arrogant, exceedingly irrelevant and somewhat incoherent comments.

The world has been saved from economic oblivion by essentially Kenyesian and Socialist intervention, and the bullshit game played by that old fucker Douglas was nothing but crap. He and other rabid right wing wackos use the threat of economic recession to do nasty shit in the same way that Bush uses the threat of war and terror to do nasty shit. The TINA (there is no alternative) bullshit bribery just doesn’t wash.

How out of touch could one 70 year old man be?

Well done National, but also well done to the left vote for not leaving for the dark side in droves.

Thank you Labour.

Paid Parental Leave
Free Doctors visits for children
Affordable and free early childhood education
Free bus travel for the elderly
Interest free student loans
Removing the defence for hitting children

and the list goes on…

National take those away at your peril.


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Old wanker of the week #2

So here’s a surprise for ya. This from the New Zealand Herald today.

Seriously old white male ex All Black (how staunch could you get) is criticising society for being too PC.

Speaking at Parents Inc breakfast, run by fundy Christian and media personality Ian Grant, all manner of bollocks was spurted out as being fundamentally wrong with society.

I like the example he gave though. Remember he’s speaking at a conference about good Parenting in 2008 for fathers. He lamented the day when you could take your kids to a rugby match, go to the pub afterwards and leave the kids asleep in the car outside.

Hello!!! McFly!!!

The world, thankfully has moved on from those days. I would never in a million years consider putting my kids in the back seat of the car while downing a jug or two of beer in the club rooms.

This is not PC rubbish, it’s just part of good parenting.

He then went on all manner of lies and rubbish. Of course you can put your kid on the back of a horse with you, there is now law and it’s not frowned upon.

He then manages to ramble on about respect, and i think something about how respect is lost because people are protesting?

And then he went on about how he smacked (but not hit) his and other people’s children. Sorry sunshine, you touch my kids and I’ll have you in the courts so fast the numbers on your rugby jersey would fall off, I don’t care one bit you are some sort of rugby legend. You see, to respect me, is to acknowledge that I don’t hit my kids and that you are not to either.

It must be a bugger of a world for sad old gits like Lahore and Bob Jones, when all around them the social norms are changing, and thankfully attitudes of belittling Lesbians and hitting your children are no longer what they used to be.

I mean where the hell is the respect for anyone if you hit them or label them names for the express purpose of putting them down.

Respect my bollocks.

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Now they want to break the law

This is a personal blog, with bugger all ambitions of ever achieving Pulitzer Prizes or being adapted into a Hollywood blockbuster, so excuse me if the language from time to time is somewhat colloquial.

I’m talking about those two faced bastards over at the Sensible Sentencing Trust. They’re really starting to get on my tit. Their retributive styled ideologies somehow give them the idea that they are right and the rest of society is wrong.

Why do I say all of this? Because they have a law they don’t agree with (the Election Finance Act, which limits political spending from interest groups), and because they don’t agree with it, they are going to break it. They claim flaunt it, but it’s exactly the same thing as breaking the law.

They claim “the act which limits advertising spending by non-political parties soliciting votes for or against a party unless they register as a third party is anti-democratic and stifling public debate.” This is one view, others believe that we have so many interest groups in NZ politics, that a level of transparency about who is saying what and how much it cost them is a small price to pay for putting your name at the bottom of a political message. I don’t think the EFA is stifling public debate.

This all came about after the last election after it was discovered that the wacko right wing religious idiots the Exclusive Bretheran put a $1m campaign in place to discredit Green politics and policies. Jesus would have been mighty pissed off.

So a pressure group with the express interest in making this country safer and more law abiding is going to break the law to suit their own needs, because they see fit to do so.

How does this make them any different from organised crime, petty criminals, sexual offenders, corporate criminals and violent criminals. They are all breaking the law to suit their own needs and wants, just as the SST is proposing.

I am all for political action and protest, but a law abiding pressure group telling people it’s ok to break the law is just a little too much to stomach.

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How many bloody votes do you want?

It seems that the right in NZ want to have more than one vote and more than every 3 years. I was always of the mind that you get to vote for your politicians every 3 years, and under MMP this has resulted in greater choice and more proportionality.

However the right and the religious extremity are hell bent on legislating to hit children, and to do this they want a citizens initiated referendum (CIR). CIR should be the exception to the rule, not the ‘rule by mob’ mentality. CIR reduces the role of government to subservient puppet of the lowest common denominator. Governments have a moral, political and legislative responsibility to govern with the protection of minorities in mind. CIR allows us to put Maori back on reservations if we are dumb enough to believe a crack-pot with a good marketing campaign.

CIR reduces any legislative and economic imperatives to the sideline. I believe that there is a place for CIR, it should not be used to allow the people to hit children.

{over at Kiwiblog, boy have they got a juvenile stiffie over this issue. There was a massive response to this issue and seemingly everyone is all for CIR now. Cool, I’m going to play their game and get one started asking for a 4 day weekend – how could this fail?}

You vote every 3 years and trust governments to make decisions for you, if you don’t like them you vote for the different lot next time around.


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Ten Million to hit our kids – priceless

So the evil bastards who want to hide behind the wrath of the F-ing bible want to waste 10 Million of your dollars to force a referendum. to do what, ensure clean drinking water, to improve safety of children in the community, to extend free doctors visits for all children of school age, no don’t be so bloody stupid.

Family First and now National want to spend $10 Million of your dollars on a bloody referendum to allow us to beat our kids. Remember after the $10 million is spent, the government doesn’t even need to act upon this. What a complete waste of everyone’s time and effort. Get over your religious doctrines, get over your ego, and learn to parent without hitting your kids, like hundreds of millions of other parents do and DO NOT WASTE OUR MONEY ON YOUR FUCKING EVIL CRUSADE.

The reprehensible bastards, you all need a wall. Key you evil little worm (yes that’s right you got your little hard on and in front of the camera supported this law – now you about face), could you get to the front of the line please.

You say that children need a short sharp ‘loving’ correction of their behaviour for their protection because their mental capacity responds to such stimuli. Well in that case, lets bring in a law where all caregivers of the Intellectually Handicapped Children and elderly should be able to ‘lovingly’ kit their patients, as that is the way to stop them from doing things that might harm them eh?

We’re not talking about jacking in someone for talking on their cell phone while driving, or throwing their McD’s out the window of their car or for throwing their ciggi butt out the window, no we are talking about NOT HITTING KIDS.

{So John Key, when you bring your dirty little right wing agenda into being, and we organise a peoples referendum, will you pay $10 million to have it – not bloody likely, you slimey twat.}

I’ll never be disappointed over the actions of the insanely indoctrinated religious and right in this country. The bloody children deserve better than adults wasting $10 MILLION arguing over the rights of low level violence. I haven’t done the figures, but how many more school play yards could be made safe, or computers bought, or literacy programmes indroduced, or dental health schemes, or health checks, or teachers would $10 Million buy?


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lies, damned lies, and the right


And here I was thinking that the ODT was the bastion of the old guard, the last of the great conservatives (in the nicest sense of the word, not this silly neo-con rubbish), but then they go and launch a brand new web site and an opinion piece by Associate Editor Simon Cunliffe on the poll, Family First and David Farrar, that would make any lefty proud.

Recently I talked about the new poll commissioned by Family First which showed that about half of us are still in the frame of mind that hitting a child is ok (I’m calm about this because in the fullness of time this will be a stat that will fail to make the margin of error – eventually). However as pointed out many places including this article, that despite the seemingly remarkable headlines “Poll shows we’re still smacking” paraded by Family First, what the poll does in fact show that the number of people abiding by the law rose from 22% to 52% and were not hitting their children. This is remarkable for a law that is seemingly unworkable and a waste of ‘good parents’ time as suggested by the predominately christian political right of NZ.

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Poll shows we’re still smacking…

and I bet if we commissioned a poll, I bet we would find that despite;

a) a 50/70 and 100km/hr speed limit, that we still break that, or
b) a ban on illicit drugs we continue to take them, or
c) a ban on kiddie porn, people still access and create it.

Just because we break these laws of the land, are they to be over turned?

In their continuing fight to, well, bring back the biff against kids, the weirdoes over at Family First have released the results of a poll they commissioned on smacking children.

In the week in which it was revealed that Chris Kahui was not the killer of his two infant twin boys from family violence, these fanatical followers of the ‘might is right’ philosophy of life just won’t give up.

I am starting to have nothing but contempt for these followers of the dogma of the bible, their ‘old fashioned is best or I have no idea how else to parent’ supporters.

The bible has bloody passages advocating the murder of people, are we to take this up next?

I am sick of Bob McCoskrie and his cohorts, bloody well give it up and we will eventually stop hitting our kids – the most precious and vulnerable members of our society.


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