Kiss Goodbye…

This is unadulterated copy and pasting from The Standard, sorry for being so unoriginal guys, but thanks so much for the list.

Great reading from, It‘s Your Choice post at The Standard

Here’s where National stands, and yes it’s pretty bloody grim reading.

-privatise ACC, initally the work fund but others too eventually
-reduce government input into Kiwisaver from $4billion over the next four years to $1billion. Kiwisaver nesteggs would be half the size they would be under current legislation – total Kiwisaver savings approx $6billion lower by 2012. Employers allowed to pay Kiwisavers less.
-cancel R&D credits
-cancel Fast Forward Fund
– cancel $1 billion for insulating homes
-higher tax on most families getting Working for Families
-higher tax on those earning $14,000-$24,000
-40% of additional tax cuts to those earning over $80,000.
-90 days no work rights law
-anti-union legislation
-no commitment to maintaining real value of minimum wage
-new prison, longer terms for some offenders, 200 more police
– cap civil service numbers while somehow also employing hundreds of new prison guards and policy staff for new programmes
– $1.5 billion for broadband. Industry says plan will restore monoploy for Telecom
– national standards teaching from first year of primary school. Opposed by teachers, principals, learning experts
– no benefits for 16-18 year olds not in school or training, free school or training, boot camps for troubled youths
– no cap on GP fees
-weaken ETS
-weaken Resource Management Act
-remove ban on new fossil fuel power plants


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  1. headlessrd

    A video advertising the new zealand 10-20% pure brand which I thought you might be interested in

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