TV3 grow a brain

North Shore Mayor Williams is not the one who has imposed a 6c a litre petrol tax on the rest of us to pay for Auckland’s internationally embarrassing transport system.

As Mr Williams said on The Panel (against the astoundingly ill informed Michelle Boad – now there’s a surprise), that 4 years ago Auckland was given the mandate to come up with a solution to the embarrassment that is Auckland’s transport system. After cross party and cross council talks and negotiations, translated 4 years of hard work, Auckland did come up with a solution, only for the National Party ideologues to come in and scrap the plan.

A couple of things straight off the bat.

I thought National was the party that wanted less government in people’s lives – well except this case where they know better.
I thought National was the party that was going to lower taxes – well except for this case.

Auckland found it’s solution to it’s problems and the new government has come in with a juvenile stiffy and big balls and told Auckland that they know better – piss off.

Jesus good luck Auckland sorting this mess out, cap in hand to Central Government, least of all trying to deal with the increasingly insane John Banks. FFS what a complete cock-up. I’m now gonna pay for another fucking road in Auckland – what genius came up with that plan.

And TV3, he wasn’t the one that imposed the tax on the rest of us, so please don’t take the piss with such poor journalism.


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Mr Smith you naughty bugger

So not only did he turn up to a Select committee meeting and essentially gag the Chief Executive of a Government Department, he has been found to have lied to Parliament and hence the people, well allegedly.

Full story here on Stuff

What a complete pillack, so typical of the big balls “I can do anything’ attitude pervading this current government.

This along with Brownlee failing to know the correct procedures in Parliament, one does wonder what the fuck these wankers were doing for those 9 years in opposition – for it certainly wasn’t taking notes and learning anything.

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NZ or Israel?

“Mr Key said the Government was taking the boyracer problem seriously and agreed with Ms Collins’ call for cars of offenders to be crushed.”

Awesome, will they do that with tanks? Easy isn’t it. Don’t like someone, send in the crushers.


(anyone got an election countdown web ticker?)


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When is a conference not a conference?

Well it seems, when National is organising it.

Cancel a primary health conference as it’s not the ‘right economic climate’, but spend an afternoon at Ratana and all of a sudden there is money to run a Maori Jobs Summit. I wonder how self sufficient in terms of funding this summit will be?

I have no problem with a Maori Jobs Summit, but I also have plenty of time for a primary health conference.

Seems that National can’t even stick to it’s ideological dogma, these buggers are all over the place.

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2nd conference cancelled – Big Brother knows best

Tony Ryall thinks that the government knows best when it comes to the merits of a conference, just as Sherif Paula Bennet has done.

Funny this is a government which I was under the impression that was meant to be less involved in peoples lives – you know that old slogan they supposedly live by, government out of your life.

National is every bit as hands on and intrusive as Labour, they just want to lie to you that they aren’t.


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A dark fog has enveloped us

If you read only one thing today, read this.

As the title of one of his films states, “it’s all gone Pete Tong” over in the middle east.

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No problem with Cafe owner

As long as it’s not an every day occurrence, it was the Cafe owner’s prerogative to choose his political protest and turf out the two Israeli women. As for all of the crap that one of the women, Natalie Bennie, was saying “am I safe in this country?” what a load of bollocks!!! Safer here love than you are as an Arab child in Gaza at the moment because of your government.

Once again the slaughter of 333+ children is not acceptable in any circumstance – ever!

As for Ms Bennie “Someone has to put him in his place”, oh yeah would that be at the end of a barrel, go to another freaking cafe. Nice consilitary talk. What about “I understand his frustration, I’ll be going elsewhere in the mean time and maybe one day well be able to talk about this”, no no she wants to put him in his place. And what place would that be, second class arab citizen – crass talk my dear.

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