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Disingenuous Two Faced Bastard

There comes a time in you life, where there just isn’t any point suffering fools anymore, life’s too bloody short for that rubbish. Of course one must always be respectful of others and not seek out people to make one grumpy. But if it comes looking, there is no way I’m gonna bend over an take it like English had to from Key the other day – suits you sir.

Bill English {despite the lies he put to the public with Key’s fist firmly inserted … at that pathetic grovel press conference} has been caught for the very thing that he accused Mike Williams (Labour Party President) of doing. And in his comments about Mr Williams, he stated that he must resign for deceiving the public.

Well if that is the case Mr English you too must resign now.

Hat tip to The Standard for this gem. Keep up the good work guys, the tide is turning.



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National is taking you for a fool

Policy Policy Policy,

to misquote a very annoying VP at Microsoft whom infamously danced, screamed and sweated across the stage at a developers conference uttering “Developers, developers, developers….”

So with an election on the horizon, literally months away, and the public are expected to be able to understand what the parties stand for (some change their spots overnight – National and Student Loans), it’s not too much for the public to know what the leading party is planning for the country.
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