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NZ or Israel?

“Mr Key said the Government was taking the boyracer problem seriously and agreed with Ms Collins’ call for cars of offenders to be crushed.”

Awesome, will they do that with tanks? Easy isn’t it. Don’t like someone, send in the crushers.


(anyone got an election countdown web ticker?)



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It wouldn’t be CHCH without the Din of the exhaust

I guess it could have been one of those departing moments in my life, when I actually became of another generation from those younger than me. Just as my folks were baby boomers, and I Gen X, thus Gen Y or Gen I (in reference to the apparent cult of the individual), has vastly different aspirations and ideals from me.

One of these is quite evident most evenings in CHCH. The ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ ‘racer’ phenonemon that sweeps CHCH most nights, is just bloody silly. Sitting 3 blocks from ‘Nancy’s Corner’ in CHCH the constant din of those bloody mufflers, the non too infrequent squeal of wheels and the all too familiar yells and screams, is a full time reminder of the youth of today and their peculiar obsession with cars.
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