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It wouldn’t be CHCH without the Din of the exhaust

I guess it could have been one of those departing moments in my life, when I actually became of another generation from those younger than me. Just as my folks were baby boomers, and I Gen X, thus Gen Y or Gen I (in reference to the apparent cult of the individual), has vastly different aspirations and ideals from me.

One of these is quite evident most evenings in CHCH. The ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ ‘racer’ phenonemon that sweeps CHCH most nights, is just bloody silly. Sitting 3 blocks from ‘Nancy’s Corner’ in CHCH the constant din of those bloody mufflers, the non too infrequent squeal of wheels and the all too familiar yells and screams, is a full time reminder of the youth of today and their peculiar obsession with cars.
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CHCH City Council – Shame on you.

It has been over two weeks now since I sent a letter to the Christchurch City Council and Mayor, asking if Mr Barry Corbert is to continue in his role as a councillor over his offensive comments condoning the murder of a young boy in the North Island for allegedly tagging.

I was expecting the usual party line, “that CCC does not condone Mr Corbert’s comments, and that we are disturbed that the CCC is asscoaiated with them in any way. However we are also powerless to do anything about one expressing such a strong opinion regardless of the offense that it caused.”

Have I received anything in response, not a single word from the CCC.

I know that my letter to the ChCh Press caused a stir, it seems people in CHCH are in favor of the vigilante comments of Mr Corbert. This is deeply disturbing. However if we are to go down that track of killing people that annoy us (remember not hurting or even physically touching us), I have this bloody irritating soccer mum who drives a huge SUV at 50Km/hr on the road home everyday, in a 70Km/hr zone that is! She’s gotta go. The person up the hill from us that always burns her garden rubbish despite fire bans and the smoke going through everyone’s houses and washing – she’s a gonner.

If we are to take the Corbert line that those who kill because something is an irritation, then instead of the increasing population we have been experiencing, this would be a quiet, if not violent, corner of the world.

I still can not believe that the CCC hasn’t condoned his views publicly, and I am still waiting for a response from the Council.

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