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Show me the data

You show me the empirical data that shows that the death penalty or imprisonment without the chance of parole makes the streets safer and/or prevents crime and I’ll consider it.

Otherwise it’s just vindictive justice based on retribution rather than public safety.


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How long do you pay for your crime?

Rita Croskery the mother of the slain pizza delivery guy who was killed by a group of youths is rightfully upset that one of the found guilty of the crime is about to come up for parole. I can understand her concern and loss of a loved one.

However I completely disagree with her views of the justice system. She claims that she has lost all faith in the criminal justice system, citing the murder of an innocent victim from a paroled criminal. This is a different case, and has nothing to do with her son.

Bailey Junior Kurariki, New Zealand’s youngest ever killer is due for parole on September 16, still 6 months away. He was convicted for his part in the murder and in 2001 got 7 years for his crime, when he was just 12 years old. Mrs Croskery wants Kurariki to be electronically tagged until the end of his term. Further she doesn’t want anyone eligable for parole until they have served their full sentence.

Mrs Croskery claims “Some of these prisoners…you can tell they are nowhere near being ready to be released on parole” . What she is of course not telling you is that parole is not of right and the parole board needs to be convinced that you are not a serious risk to the community.

This is where I have issue with her claims. She would like to see him tagged for life (quote from TV3 news). If he has completed his time, then that person has every right of a normal citizen, with the obvious exceptions. That now 19 year old young man will never be able to travel overseas, among many other constraints on his life. I have no doubt that Mrs Croskery is also going through a life sentence with the loss of her son, but the notion that criminals have more rights than her are just the concerns of an angry (justifiably so) person.

No doubt the insanity sentencing trust will put its full weight behind these calls for life time electronic tagging, but the concept goes beyond justice and into that of retribution, of which our justice system thankfully is not based upon.

It’s a sad thing that happened but if that 19 year old boy has any chance of a life that doesn’t involve crime again, do not put a bloody tag around his leg for life (who would hire him).

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