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Now they want to break the law

This is a personal blog, with bugger all ambitions of ever achieving Pulitzer Prizes or being adapted into a Hollywood blockbuster, so excuse me if the language from time to time is somewhat colloquial.

I’m talking about those two faced bastards over at the Sensible Sentencing Trust. They’re really starting to get on my tit. Their retributive styled ideologies somehow give them the idea that they are right and the rest of society is wrong.

Why do I say all of this? Because they have a law they don’t agree with (the Election Finance Act, which limits political spending from interest groups), and because they don’t agree with it, they are going to break it. They claim flaunt it, but it’s exactly the same thing as breaking the law.

They claim “the act which limits advertising spending by non-political parties soliciting votes for or against a party unless they register as a third party is anti-democratic and stifling public debate.” This is one view, others believe that we have so many interest groups in NZ politics, that a level of transparency about who is saying what and how much it cost them is a small price to pay for putting your name at the bottom of a political message. I don’t think the EFA is stifling public debate.

This all came about after the last election after it was discovered that the wacko right wing religious idiots the Exclusive Bretheran put a $1m campaign in place to discredit Green politics and policies. Jesus would have been mighty pissed off.

So a pressure group with the express interest in making this country safer and more law abiding is going to break the law to suit their own needs, because they see fit to do so.

How does this make them any different from organised crime, petty criminals, sexual offenders, corporate criminals and violent criminals. They are all breaking the law to suit their own needs and wants, just as the SST is proposing.

I am all for political action and protest, but a law abiding pressure group telling people it’s ok to break the law is just a little too much to stomach.

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CHCH City Council – Shame on you.

It has been over two weeks now since I sent a letter to the Christchurch City Council and Mayor, asking if Mr Barry Corbert is to continue in his role as a councillor over his offensive comments condoning the murder of a young boy in the North Island for allegedly tagging.

I was expecting the usual party line, “that CCC does not condone Mr Corbert’s comments, and that we are disturbed that the CCC is asscoaiated with them in any way. However we are also powerless to do anything about one expressing such a strong opinion regardless of the offense that it caused.”

Have I received anything in response, not a single word from the CCC.

I know that my letter to the ChCh Press caused a stir, it seems people in CHCH are in favor of the vigilante comments of Mr Corbert. This is deeply disturbing. However if we are to go down that track of killing people that annoy us (remember not hurting or even physically touching us), I have this bloody irritating soccer mum who drives a huge SUV at 50Km/hr on the road home everyday, in a 70Km/hr zone that is! She’s gotta go. The person up the hill from us that always burns her garden rubbish despite fire bans and the smoke going through everyone’s houses and washing – she’s a gonner.

If we are to take the Corbert line that those who kill because something is an irritation, then instead of the increasing population we have been experiencing, this would be a quiet, if not violent, corner of the world.

I still can not believe that the CCC hasn’t condoned his views publicly, and I am still waiting for a response from the Council.

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You Wanker Barry Corbert! Resign now!

Your arrogant white middle aged upper middle class tosser. How dare you make such inflammatory and reprehensible remarks regarding the murder of a young 15 year old boy in Auckland.

For those who don’t know a former radio host from CHCH whom now sits as a representative of the people on the city council, yesterday remarked that the 50 year old man that killed a boy for allegedly tagging on a fence should in Mr Corbert’s words “get away with it”

Admitting he didn’t know the full facts of the case he still went on to say, and stand by the following comments.

“”If I was on the jury, I would let him get away with it, but that is just me”
“Everyone is feeling sorry for the kid and his family, but if the kid was not tagging, he would still be alive.””

I know that the fear ridden lynch mobs that sit glued to talk radio will no doubt support these comments, there is a very ugly underbelly in NZ, where is seems that it is OK to kill those whom you consider not worthy of life – you know the kind, the petty criminals, the litterers, the jay walkers, the skate boarders, the skinheards, the gays, the jews… Where does it stop Executioner Corbert.

Where does it stop, and what council would still allow this asehole to continue to sit on it’s benches is beyond me. If I was still a resident I would be on the streets now demanding this man be removed from office as lynch mobs are reserved for the history books and his attitude should not be that of a representative of the people.

You repugnant bastard, your words belittle your position of responsibility. You quite literally are a disgrace.

See that smile, those pearly whites – wouldn’t hurt a fly, seems he condones the killing of young boys on the streets though.


You add nothing to the debate on crime, yet fuel the flames of hatred and distain and hence are a waste of space.

Shame, Shame, Shame!!!

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John Key Bullshit #1-08

This morning on National Radio (30 Jan) John Key was pontificating about the glorious new policy on Youth Crime. He made some claim about the achievements of the youth boot camp run out of Waiouru. The presenter Geoff tried to correct him on a point, stating that they had the head of that program on earlier and the facts were that the boot camp numbers were declining due to the strong job market.

and this is classic, to that John Key’s reply was “I don’t accept that”.

What don’t you accept Mr Key, that the man running the boot camp was seeing numbers decline. Well that is a real shame that you don’t accept facts from the front line. One can only question the validity of the rest of their claims with regard to this policy, considering that Key doesn’t take into account the advice of those running the things.

I would have thought that a party that wants less govt involved in peoples lives, creating a strong job market in which private enterprise provides the means for keeping youth on the straight and narrow would have been the obvious choice, apparently not.

As for this crime wave that is sweeping the nation, by which he is implying is a youth problem, so far this year the murders committed haven’t all been perpetrated by youth, and a large number have been in fact once again domestic violence, with the majority of fatalities being women.

Further Key claimed that the family of the shop keeper killed in the weekend had their lives destroyed/devastated by the youth who had committed the crime. Once again by implication this crime wave and murders is a youth problem. Wrong Mr Key.

Once again do we mention the family of the young 15 year old boy who was killed by a 50 year old businessman for tagging. I wonder what turmoil that young man’s family is going through.

Mr Key is once again applying the over simplistic brush (not to mention false logic) of crime committed by youth = all crime is youth crime. Why because it’s easier to sell to the angry general public, and makes for better sound byte politics and youth becomes the political football de jour.

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Minority Report or good policing?

New Zealand Herald
10:22AM Thursday November 15, 2007
Police arrest 19 students over planned brawl

Groups of students from two schools planning a large-scale brawl were stopped by police before fighting was due to break out.

Police had been tipped off that the students were set to clash in Olympic Park, west Auckland.

When they arrived at the scene at 2.30pm yesterday, they found 20 students from a nearby secondary school.

However, no one was present from the other school.

Sergeant Grant Watson of New Lynn police said: “The 20 students immediately ran in all directions but were soon caught by the large team of police and taken into custody. One student was found with a rock in his possession.”

Nineteen boys and young men were arrested.

Five of them aged 17 years were charged with unlawful assembly and will appear in the Waitakere District Court on Monday.

I’m not completely up with all of the details of this, but on the face of it, it smacks a little too much of the sci fi movie of a rather dystoipan/orwellian nature – Minority Report, where people are apprehended based on foreknowledge.

This scares me more than any proposed infringement of freedoms forecast to descend upon the country with the passing of the Electoral Reforms.

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