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Bloody fantastic!

Auckland under-17 soccer player Cameron Lindsay is starting a four-year scholarship with Blackburn Rovers in Lancashire.

He will play in the youth league at Balckburn and if all goes well turn professional at 17 and join the Premier League. It’s a long road to get to there, but all power to him.

Cameron will be playing in the same league that the likes of Kieran Richardson, Joe Cole, Jonathan Woodgate, Michael Owen, Jamie Carragher and Ryan Giggs among others all played in. In all reality many of these teams youth squads could possibly take apart our national squad on a good day, this is the level that this guy is going to play in.

If he makes it to the Premier League and plays for a mid level team like Blackburn then he’s set for a base salary somewhere in the $3million a year range, which isn’t bad for a young boy, and incredible for a Kiwi sports person.

Not really wanting to have a dig at Rugby (but their bloody arrogance over the years deserves this), with the likes of the IPL cricket and Cameron, will Kiwi kids continue to see Rugby as an option in the future based on tradition. I know I’d rather have my boy at Goodison than Carisbrook (but people who know me know that’s no surprise).

Well done Cameron, and well done Wynton Rufer.

PS you should have gone with Everton sunny.


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Beckham snubs cancer kids!!!

Quote for the Melbourne Age newspaper

David Beckham ‘snubs’ cancer kids
November 25, 2007 – 4:11PM

Football superstar David Beckham was accused of snubbing a group of child cancer survivors when he arrived in Sydney today

it gets worse, front page of the Sydney Morning Herald’s web site

Beckham arrives: Football superstar in hot water.

Then the same…

Football superstar David Beckham was accused of snubbing a group of child cancer survivors when he arrived in Sydney today.

the poor bastard claims he didn’t see the kids, and anyone who knows the guy knows that he goes out of his way to say hi to anyone and everyone. Watching him at the game in Vancouver at half time he talked to all of the kids that came up to him.

But that aside, does he have to go over the the poor buggers. I am sorry they have cancer, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone and hope they get better, however they don’t have rights on Beckham and they sure as hell can’t expect him to give special treatment if he doesn’t see them.

What terrible sensationalist reporting, the sort of stuff you’d expect out of a british tabloid. Poor very poor.

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