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Kiwiblog got a little stiffie

As soon as anything resembling right wing authoritarian policy weeps from the mouth of the Deity known as Mr Key, the extreme right in NZ gets a stiffie, a juvenile hard one.

Case in point, Sunday afternoon, when people, one would assume, have better things to do with a massive high over the country, instead swarm to Kiwiblog to spurt their vile ‘anti people’ line. What got them all in a tither, the Deity formerly known as John Key.

The newly crowned deity formerly known as John Key, today announced that the ‘people’ will get a chance with referendum on the very system we vote with. Previously NZ had a first past the post system, FPP, in which it was possible and indeed reality (for Robert Muldoons final two terms in power) that the popular vote would not be reflected in the house of representatives.

1978 election results National 680,991 (39.8%) vs Labour 691,976 (40.4%)
1981 election results National 698,508 (38.77%) vs Labour 702,630 (39.01%)

Infact the only time Muldoon won the popular vote was in the election that won him the high office of PM in 1974, the rest of the time he was not the choice of the people, yet under the antiquated FPP system, he was able to retain power. He won ONE election yet retained power after the people tossed him out for the next two elections.

The greater story of MMP though has been the rise of representation of the people as a whole demographic. Under MMP it was possible to be Gay, Transgender, Asian, Maori, Pacific Islander, Old, Young, Deaf, Poor, Rich and of course Female along with the economic and political elite of the white male.

For once, if you were other than the white middle class male you were represented in the houses of power, you voice and image was reflected in the government. The theory of descriptive government (proportionality) as opposed to the delegated (meritocracy) is a valid argument, however the later heavily installs the power elite into government time after time.

However if you are to believe the extremists of Kiwiblog (for they are not moderates), MMP has ruined the social fabric of this country (hmm what was 1981 Springbok Tour?), fostered the rise of the “weird parties”. Further the extremists over at Kiwiblog doesn’t beleive “most of the electorate are capable of making a rational decision on the issue”, and although we are a multi-cultural and socially, sexually and ideologically diverse people, some believe that MMP “gives unelected MPs, accountable only to party bosses, huge power over my life”, in one foul swoop solidifying the belief that FPP is for the white male economic elite. Wow “MMP is undemocratic”.

Still it was very funny to see 100+ posts on the topic on an otherwise lovely day outside. 100+ posts to a topic at Kiwiblog in one afternoon is actually quite a good go, so this one seems to have got the white middle class male extremists all in a frenzy – well any mention of power to the people seems to do that.

Any move to give the people the choice of deciding on political representation will be hijacked by the most powerful, and in this case, it would have the full disinformation campaign of the economic, business and political elite. This would not be a fair campaign and it would foster the most vile of stereotype bashing imaginable.


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