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Once again, Garth George please shut the F up

Funny that the bitter and twisted old christian wanker is happy that the NZ govt isn’t taking sides or talking too much about Israel, after all “its on the other side of the world”.

333 children dead and counting, I wonder what (if any) is Mr George’s tipping point for dead children?

I really really really hate the fact that The Herald still publishes this old fuckers thoughts, there hasn’t been one moderate or compassionate word from him for years, and how does that help the world?



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what was it they said?

Garth George is certifiably irrelevant as a political commentator. It doesn’t matter how the New Zealand Herald dresses him up, as Senator’s McCain and Obama both stated, it’s still lipstick on a pig.

I’d almost warn against reading his pathetic criticisms of the Government if they weren’t laughable. The problem is that people believe his shit, and make no bones about it, what he says is 99% bull.


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Mint ‘Granny’?

The political blogosphere is all in a hive of activity over the lefts accusations that the media in NZ has seemingly become a little start struck with the boys and girls in the blue corner.

First off to overuse a quote (not the only one in this post), there is usually no smoke without some sort of accelerant. And the accelerant over the last couple of weeks has been the orgy of idol worship that has beset the media in NZ. It seems that all Labour and more importantly Helen (nice tack, go for the jugular, the pervious golden one) has to do is breath without the media taking a negative view of it.

With the likes of Garth George’s (now there’s a sane and level bugger if there ever was one?) comments passed off as serious political discourse, we don’t have to look too far to see how thin the veil of discontent is spread over at Granny’s.

“I reckon the reason Labour has slumped in the polls is that the public has finally had an absolute gutsful of government interference in our daily lives with the imposition of legislation that has arisen from ideas that have quickly become ideologies”

I’m not sure what sort of behavior Mr Geoerge engages behind his closed doors, but the ones that I engage in (or will let you in on) have no bearing or relation to the ideological stance of the current Government. Well apart from the fact that I steer away from Kiddie porn on the web, or try to keep below the speed limit on the roads, and certainly don’t go about hitting anyone (including children, my own or others). So I’m a little disturbed by what could be going on behind closed curtains at Che George?

Still his stupidity knows no bounds;

“And under our undemocratic MMP electoral system… They [MPs – ed] need not fear public anger at the ballot box because list MPs never have to face re-election”

First of all, as I have just recently blogged, those engaged in the wanderlust for the good old days of FPP and so called democracy fail to acknowledge that Muldoon’s last two terms were the result not of the democratic voice (popular vote), but some antiquated system that made the US so-called ‘two party’ system seem like a democratic nirvana.

For the sake of repeating myself, how is this democracy in any way shape or form?

1978 Election:

National Party: 680,991 (votes) or 39.8%, seats = 51
Labour Party: 691,976(votes) or 40.4% , seats = 40
Social Credit: 274,756 (votes) or 16.1% and only 1 seat.

1981 Election:

National Party: 698,508 (votes) or 38.77% = 47 seats
Labour Party: 702,630 (votes) or 39.01% = 43 seats
Social Credit : 372,056 (votes) or 20.65% = 2 seats

And no Garth, no List MP has ever tried to get re-elected, WTF you moronic idiot?

Garth continues is diatribe with suggestions that taking the right to hit children away from parents as Ideology, yet his seemingly deep christian dogma isn’t?

“We swallowed the civil unions legislation, choked on the legalisation of prostitution and most of us get indigestion and flatulence from the new ideology blaming climate change on carbon dioxide emissions”

No no Garth, tell us what you really think (I can guess your stance on the Homosexual Law Reform of the 1980s), you just simply don’t like people different to you, and of course (thankfully) will be dead before the damage we are doing to the environment comes back to bite us big time, so it’s not happening eh Garth.

But we get to the heart of the matter;

“sacred rights as parents”

Your christian attitudes are superior to those of others and must ride rough-shot over the laws and will of the nation.

This piece of so called op-ed journalism is about as low as one could get. His obvious inability to stomach prostitutes, Homosexuals and those of the left, MMP, The Greens, whom are all ideologically driven (a bad thing?) without any acknowledgement that the hole in his head that he is talking though is the result of some festering blight called Christian Dogma, rotting any ability to form a constructive argument without the ad hominem hyperbole.

This is why I fear the right. Not because of the economic policies, but the foundations on which their social policy are based, are seemingly constructed around the central notion that those not the same as you are less of a person. Why else would Key’s face book be full of attacks on the poor and those on the DPB? – but I digress.

Back to dear old Granny. Yet another article asks;

“Should the NZ Herald show more charity to the Labour Party?”

Who’s looking for charity love? Labour certainly is only wanting the same rules applied to all political parties, which in their current lie back and take what ever the right is giving it state, is hardly the case. I see that despite the assertions to the contrary, the world hasn’t stopped spinning, democracy hasn’t died and the sky hasn’t broken into billions of pieces and fallen like shards of demonised daggers ripping at the heart of our very being. The bill that was meant to curtail free speech in NZ has been in place for a while now, and bugger me if things seem well just like normal. Of course we have dirty little Labour taking donations from exceedingly rich businessmen, yet Nationals benefactors are given the room and anonymity to perform their democratic right. Helen isn’t allowed to be seen with Mr Owen, yet John Key’s wonderfully freudian slip that “we would love wages to drop” is the misguided scribblings of an apparently inexperienced journalist who obviously misquote Key.

I have no doubt that the Herald is indeed running a campaign of sorts against the Labour Party, if nothing else to the extent that it allows the excrement of Garth George to go under the editorial radar, yet is willing to look elsewhere when the exceedingly athletic and sexy Mr Key makes a blunder of the magnitude over wage gap comparisons for NZ and OZ.

This of course isn’t limited to Granny, Stuff, TV1 and TV3 have all portrayed the ’embattled’ Labour leader in the eponymous role of the Captain of the Titanic (labour). Still 2/3 of a year out from an election, I fail to see how the media can retain this infantile ‘stiffie’ for the right. Their orgy of delight at any Labour slip only excites the scribes further, and in their heightened state of arousal seem willing to allow the hateful and regretful putrid writings of the likes of Garth George to act as meaningful political discourse.

To misquote David Lange in the fabulously flag waving (if not finger raising) debate at the Oxford Union, pointing to the NZ media “I can smell the Semen on your breath“.

Turn on the lights and see just who you are taking it from, is all we on the left ask of you. Mind you I’d have the lights off too with an over excited Garth George walking blindly in the orgy room of hatred he circulates in.

[As you can tell I’m a little angry over this issue, and have been trying not to bite. I sometimes wish I didn’t but then we still have free speech and I will accept that there are those out there who will think otherwise, and despite some thoughts and fears, this is a free country. This was not a party political broadcast on the behalf of Labour (a long time since I voted for them), nor was this an attack on all journalists, there are some mighty fine ones out there, only their valid and thorough voices are being sidelined with purile ‘he said – she said’ politics.]

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