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Garth McVicar fuck off

“The impending release of convicted murder accessory Nichole Field shows how far the public has been duped into a false sense of security with the New Zealand justice system, a leading campaigner for change claims.”

SO how does he explain a record prison muster (more baddies being caught) and record prison sentences being given out, we are now up there with some of the most punitive western nations, yet this git is never happy.

This guy adds even less to the national debate about the justice system than I do, yet he’s apparently a national campaigner.

He’s not he’s a media hungry git who hates people. I’ve never heard one so called sensible suggestion from this guy, just ‘all baddies are evil’, ‘the judges are soft’, ‘criminals get away with everything’, blah blah blah.




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and they perpetuate the fear…

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is going around the country at the moment reinforcing the fears of the converted that NZ is no longer a safe place to live, and that New Zealand is now the land of the criminals.

So much so that they’ve created a whole new web site just to perpetuate these fears and mistrusts in fellow Kiwis. “Escalating violent crime, sexual predators and violent criminals being granted Bail!” is the description for NZ in 2008, a pretty horrid place if you believe these people. It’s just such a shame that the statistics don’t back up their claim.
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