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No problem with Cafe owner

As long as it’s not an every day occurrence, it was the Cafe owner’s prerogative to choose his political protest and turf out the two Israeli women. As for all of the crap that one of the women, Natalie Bennie, was saying “am I safe in this country?” what a load of bollocks!!! Safer here love than you are as an Arab child in Gaza at the moment because of your government.

Once again the slaughter of 333+ children is not acceptable in any circumstance – ever!

As for Ms Bennie “Someone has to put him in his place”, oh yeah would that be at the end of a barrel, go to another freaking cafe. Nice consilitary talk. What about “I understand his frustration, I’ll be going elsewhere in the mean time and maybe one day well be able to talk about this”, no no she wants to put him in his place. And what place would that be, second class arab citizen – crass talk my dear.


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Once again, Garth George please shut the F up

Funny that the bitter and twisted old christian wanker is happy that the NZ govt isn’t taking sides or talking too much about Israel, after all “its on the other side of the world”.

333 children dead and counting, I wonder what (if any) is Mr George’s tipping point for dead children?

I really really really hate the fact that The Herald still publishes this old fuckers thoughts, there hasn’t been one moderate or compassionate word from him for years, and how does that help the world?


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Kiwiblog, land of extremists

A post by David Farrar on kiwiblog about an apparent ‘doctored’ image of a father and son being killed by Israeli bullets, illustrates to me how callous and demented we have become, when we want to be the ones who are ‘right’.

I raised the point, that despite your views of this image and the hole conflict, there are in fact very few winners in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and that the pain, suffering, mutilation, emotional scaring and ultimately death of thousands upon thousands of children in this region is a terrible thing.

But boy oh boy, did that bring out the nastiest aspects of our human psyche. My comment was apparently from a hater of Israel, a conspiracy theorist, part of the vast left wing propagandists machine.
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