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NZ or Israel?

“Mr Key said the Government was taking the boyracer problem seriously and agreed with Ms Collins’ call for cars of offenders to be crushed.”

Awesome, will they do that with tanks? Easy isn’t it. Don’t like someone, send in the crushers.


(anyone got an election countdown web ticker?)


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Rogernomics, who found the bloody defibulator?

The only thing that disturbed me on election night was the bizarre speech by new/old ACT (Association of Cunts and Tyrants) MP Sir Roger Douglas complete arrogant, exceedingly irrelevant and somewhat incoherent comments.

The world has been saved from economic oblivion by essentially Kenyesian and Socialist intervention, and the bullshit game played by that old fucker Douglas was nothing but crap. He and other rabid right wing wackos use the threat of economic recession to do nasty shit in the same way that Bush uses the threat of war and terror to do nasty shit. The TINA (there is no alternative) bullshit bribery just doesn’t wash.

How out of touch could one 70 year old man be?

Well done National, but also well done to the left vote for not leaving for the dark side in droves.

Thank you Labour.

Paid Parental Leave
Free Doctors visits for children
Affordable and free early childhood education
Free bus travel for the elderly
Interest free student loans
Removing the defence for hitting children

and the list goes on…

National take those away at your peril.

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How much of this is palatable to core National voters

Recently the Maori party has signalled that it could work with the National Party, post election. We are still deciphering what John Key thinks or says about this stance, you see it’s not us interpreting his words that is the problem, he’s contradicting himself left right and centre over this issue.

Anyway, seeing that there is a very real possibility that he will need more than the support of ACT and United Future, Key has been fishing (trolling) about for supportive parties. The leadership of the Maori party seems to be in conflict with it’s core support, which has quite clearly shown that a Maori Party – National Party coalition is not what they want, but they’ve said they’ll work with National anyway (political suicide of the highest degree).

So out of this Key, Sharples and Tariana Turia are all talking coalition post election. The only thing is, the conditions for such a coalition would seemingly be almost unpalatable to core national voters in the blue ribbon and rural ridings. The Maori Party today unveiled it’s treaty policy position, and being a Maori Party, they are pretty core to their principals (which I have no qualms with despite the content). However by entrenching Maori seats in the statutes, Abolishing treaty claims cap, repealing Foreshore and Seabed legislation and Heritage studies to be part of the core curriculum. Aside from the lunacy of Heritage Studies to be compulsory for all new immigrants (why should they know more about our history that most locals do?), the rest I would imagine be rather hard to stomach across some of the dinner tables in Ranfurly or Taihape, and even less across the canap├ęs of Remuera.

Still Key’s signalled he could lift the cap on treaty settlements, so I’m guessing he’s going to say yes publicly to these guys no matter what they say.

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National is taking the piss


The first time in the history of elections in NZ, we managed to get proportionality into our government, and National thinks it’s time to give people the choice.

If people are sick of Politicians, it’s not the system of electing them which is at fault, it’s the calibre of politician which is at fault. And before any rabid righty goes all “yeah look at Sue Bradford etc”, I think you’ll find it’s the establishment whom have been the greatest cause for the public’s concern – Don Brash and Winston Peters come to mind.

MMP has delivered a truly PROPORTIONAL (of the population) parliament. We only need too look at the National line up to see the old grey suit brigade. How many transgender, homosexual, FEMALE, working class people are represented within National – ZILCH, NONE, NADA, not one iota represents anything but a small proportion of the population.

But Key’s clincher (what a bloody joke he is), “It’s important to give people the choice”

You know sometimes, it’s important not to give people the choice, where it’s going to do more harm than good.

1. Guns
2. Drugs
3. Drink Driving

Lets all let our 13 year old bonk. Lets marry our cousins. Society doesn’t give us the choice in everything, and this is just bloody stupid.

At least it’s showing us that parliament is no longer controlled by white middle class males and National know the only way to guarantee an election victory is by supporting a policy that will allow the over proportionality of white middle class males

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it’s not a freakin train set

In a very clear signal as to National’s intentions with the national rail network, John Key has once again belittled a very important infra-structural aspect of our economy.

The Labour government yesterday bought the remainder of the rail network including an Interislander ferry (the other two are on lease) after 15 years in the private sector. The original NZ rail network was a major causality of the radical right wing sabotage of the Fourth Labour Government – Rogernomics (the merits of can be debate for and against for eternity).

Under Jim Bolger’s National government in 1993, the rail infrastructure of NZ was sold 60% to overseas investors and 40% to NZ investment company Fay, Richwhite & Company, which proceeded to asset strip the company (as these investments tend to do), reducing it to a shadow of a rail network. There is of course the murky business of the New Zealand Securities Commission investigation into the alleged insider trading of David Richwhite and Midavia Rail, which was settled with a $20million dollar settlement, although Richwhite was able to escape any liability or acknowledgement of guilt (I guess $20mil will buy you anything).

Fast forward to 2008, and the Government bought back the entire rail network of Toll NZ, thus once again bringing into the national asset base. Those ideologically opposed to governments owning companies (and to that extent infrastructure) have signalled their outrage, and of course on of the architects of this whole mess Richard Prebble has shown his displeasure, no surprise considering he is deeply entwined in far right politics these days.

I could (and probably would) argue that in the current climate of insecure global commodity prices, fluctuating and sharply rising fuel prices, increased transportation costs and the need for modern transport infrastructure, that a rail network will play increasingly major role in the economy of a modern nation. This will of course have to be with a new mindset and not revert to old ways of thinking about business and rail networks – but hey Kiwi’s have never been one to shirk away from innovation.

{Side note, Colin Murdoch the Kiwi inventor of one of modern life’s most important tools the, disposable syringe, passed away this week. A great Cantabrian inventor.}

However, National’s current leader expressed his displeasure at the news of the government purchase with the flippant comments, that the Government has bought a “Train Set”, tells us so much about Nationals thinking, particularly around strategic national infrastructure assets. He was either being a completely facetious, sanctimonious and/or completely disingenuous, or dear we say it – just a complete twat.

The national rail network, remembering it’s an integral part of any modern infrastructure, is not a train set. Are the hydro dams children’s backyard lakes? It is very disappointing that someone who pretends to be a future Prime Minister could be so flippant and work in sound bytes so easily. Does he think the average Kiwi is incapable of understanding the issues, that he has to reduce the argument to that of kid’s toys?

It would have been bloody refreshing for the man who wants to run this country to have said something along the lines like; National is opposed to the purchase of this national infrastructure asset, however, as it is now back within the national asset list, we will be looking to make this an incredibly efficient, innovative and profitable national asset as possible.

No no, Key doesn’t want governments owning ‘Train Sets’.

And NZ if you are rightly proud of ACC (unmatched internationally), hold on to that for a short while, National of course has signalled that this is going to be opened up for competition. And considering how well opening up national assets in NZ has gone in the past, be very afraid.

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When one’s ego is just too big to see the picture

A very typical ploy of the oh-so affected middle class intelligentsia these days is to decry the death of freedoms, muddled up with imagery of cottonwool nanny states resembling a kinder Plunketesque NAZI state.

The latest of these concerned individuals to step up to the plate to have a moan about the overpowering state is the sometime ex-broadcaster Bill Ralston. His grumble is that the Government is looking into the foods that we are giving our kids, and the effects it has on them, namely obesity. Included among some of the areas being investigated for the new Public Health Bill, the government may have the power to control where and how supermarkets display unhealthy food.

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It’s policy of sort – the claytons policy

With regard to the size of bureaucracy in New Zealand, John Key was once again in the papers with a very muddled message.

“In a speech today, Mr Key pledged to cap the number of public servants at their current level and said he days of a growing public service were over.”
Over the past eight years the bureaucracy has grown out of all proportion to those parts of the state sector that actually service the public.”

What no slash and burn? If bureaucracy has ‘grown out of all proportion” why isn’t there room for a trim Mr Key?

So either you agree with the size of the bureaucracy or you don’t, and if you don’t nobody is indispensable, trim some of the fat.

Or is this a simple case of saying something to look like something important is being said, without actually saying anything, least of all policy. Mind you after the two weeks he’s had, he could do with saying simple easy things. I’m still waiting for the rebuttal from Key that he didn’t actually say “I firmly believe we have enough bureaucrats to do the job“. There will be a denial in not time what so ever. Because what he’s actually saying is that, bureaucracy isn’t to big, and obviously was severely understaffed, becuase if to get to the right level it is at today, with a blowing out of public service numbers over the past few years, some catching up was needed.

Or are you just being a talking head today Mr Key?

Boy is that man confused.

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