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Key’s wall is giving bad face#8


The bludgers contribute nothing to NZ society

Thank you Jacob for denigrating 70,000 odd people. They will be most saddened that they don’t contribute to society. You are of course full of shit and a total and utter wanker for thinking that you are somehow greater than thou.

Why are those of the right so hateful of the poor and down trodden. Surely if the wage gap between NZ and OZ is such a big issue, why isn’t there more concern for the managers and CEOs whom have abstained from infrastructure and R&D to the point that productivity is one of the major contributing factors for low wages in NZ. Oh no, it’s the bloody poor that is the bunt of their fears and hate.

These people are really starting to piss me off (not hate, more pity).

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Key’s wall is giving bad face#7

the lovely and not at all hateful Naomi is at it again. Is this really a classy look for the want to be prime minister allowing such obvious expression of hate.

• Pick up your money and you get a contraception jab in the ass every 3 months

Again Lord God Emperor Naomi is telling you when you can have kids. Doesn’t the right go on about something like keep govt our of our lives, seemingly your life is no longer yours if you are unlucky enough to be on the dole or DPB according to the right.

• Food stamps – fuck takeaways, you’re getting your healthy fruit and veges mate

Again, shall we call her oh so benevolent Empress, the health of the nation is your concern, oh no that’s right, just those she wants to think she has the right to control.

• You don’t get to handle your funds – money is divvied into the things you need. No more, no less.

What a total and utter bunch of crap, but it gets better;

• No getting your car out of jail when seized for parking in a ‘no parking zone’. (Why the fuck are our taxes going to that anyway?)

Funny the only car I have seen parked in a ‘no parking zone’ recently was a very late model Land Rover with a suit jumping out and conducting a very long coffee lunch with some folk. He’s allowed to and the poor not.

Again people like Naomi reinforce my views that as much as they want the state out of their lives, they are more than prepared to be judge and executioner over those less fortunate than themselves. It’s a very un-classy look with the want to be prime minister’s face(book) is plastered with the hate speech that is seemingly in support of him.

Who the hell gives Naomi the right to think she can tell others what to do and how to do it? Who made her lord god all bloody mighty.

Stand for Parliament love with those attitudes to the fore (not hidden in yet to be released policy) and lets see how many vote for you. Cow.

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key’s wall is giving bad face#6


There will be so much to do especially repealling some of the PC and nanny state laws that have been foisted on the people of NZ by the loony greens and Labou.

So you don’t like people Marie, fair enough, keep it to yourself love. PC please explain what you mean by that? The most overused term by the right, with vacuous meaning.

I’m sure there is a large number of New Zealanders who will urge a National Government to hold a referendum on the continuation of MMP.

Not sure there my dear, National bought the thing in.

Without doubt MMP would be resoundly revoked and the real people of NZ will see a clean out of useless and expensive politcal parties and the misfits who have never been voted into Parliament.

So you don’t like people other than yourself having a political representation. I blame that bloody rastafarian, things have never been the same since they let him in. Oh wait there was that darkie I didn’t like, you know the one with the dark glasses.

Heaven help NZ if the Greens and the Maori Party end up with the balance of power. We will be the laughing stock of the World.

I thought so, it was those bloody tree huggers whom she is angry with, phew still room for a good socialist in there yet.

As for MMP, the last great two minority govts were indeed the National/Muldoon years. Bloody democracy always gets in the way of a good argument.

1978 Election:

National Party: 680,991 (votes) or 39.8%, seats = 51
Labour Party: 691,976(votes) or 40.4% , seats = 40
Social Credit: 274,756 (votes) or 16.1% and only 1 seat.

Hang on a bloody minute, so more than nearly 11,000 people voted Labour but they got 11 seats less, yeah real democracy there Marie.

it gets better for Marie in the next election which saw Piggie get back in.

National Party: 698,508 (votes) or 38.77% = 47 seats
Labour Party: 702,630 (votes) or 39.01% = 43 seats
Social Credit : 372,056 (votes) or 20.65% = 2 seats

Again Labour kicked Piggy Muldoon ass, but the corrupt system kept the old bugger in, to only nearly bankrupt us.
Social credit captured 20% of the voting public and got 2 pitiful seats, love that FPP democracy in action.

Cut the crap Marie and tell it like you see it, you don’t like people other than you having a political voice. Cow.

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Key’s wall is giving bad face#4

Fearful Kiri

fear has driven me to support a government that does not support a benefit dependent society. I am scared of the next generation, the violent crimes…

So you are scared of the next generation? Do you know something I don’t? They don’t bite the heads off chickens do they? I know the get on motorbikes and have fights with other gangs? Or do they kill people for tagging?

…and the continual breeding of children by unfit parents.

Ah the old “you need to pass MY test before YOU can become a parent” line that the right trots out from time to time. See who would have thought that that lovely man Paul Holmes would have a daughter with a serious drug conviction and subsequent breaches of bail. I thought breaches of bail was for like those bad folk from South Auckland.

But wait the gold/goodness in Kiri’s heart knows no bounds.

Women on a DPB should have to visit a WINZ office every 3 months to renew this, and be given a depo provera injection to prevent them having more unsupported children. No injection, no money. If they get a job or a financially supportive partner then they will no longer need the DPB and can have more children.

Shall we call Kiri ‘Lord God Emperor’ or ‘just ruler of all’. Wow don’t hold back my dear.

So I make that 4-0 the number of Key supporters that down right hate people are full of fear. They don’t listen to talk radio do they?

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Key’s wall is giving bad face#3

Dubai Jo

As a New Zealand citizen, I am sad to see the social decline. People are not accountable for their actions in NZ and this will be the demise of the country.

Example? And then example where this isn’t the case elsewhere?

Perhaps we should stop being so pro “human rights” (in NZ if you are human you can do ANYTHING and get away with it and be paid a benefit for doing so!!) and start putting in place some real values and stricter controls in place as a lot of so-called “adults” have not been taught basic values and therefore dont have boundaries. People need to be more accountable for their actions.

So you don’t like people and you want to restrict freedoms. Key’s face is give very bad book here!

Im currently working in Dubai and its wonderful to feel safe and walk in the streets at night.

Sweetheart, walk the streets of Dunedin with me, it’s a little safer that Dubai. By the way how are the hideously underpaid and overworked immigrant labour force there, still treated like shit, like dogs. I also know people working in construction there and they wouldn’t treat their dogs the way companies treat the immigrant worker. Still keep up the illusion my dear, seems to make you happy.

Less freedoms means less social decline? Go National this is priceless.

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Key’s wall is giving bad face#2

The Lovely Naomi’s turn…

Now lets not get to down on dear old Naomi, after all she is desperately middle class, not poor or a beneficiary remember, the hard done by middle class.

Now the lovely Naomi has her middle finger raised at John like I don’t think he would like, but lets see where the classy Naomi goes with this.

It’s not fun being middle-class in New Zealand.

Come on, bottle of wine a few friends, I’m sure it isn’t all bad being middle class.

I’m sick of hearing about people sucking on the government’s tit.

You don’t like other people

I’m sick of hearing about innocent kids getting bashed.

You’ve bought into the media’s fascination with youth crime. Show me a country where this isn’t the case. I also hope you are sick of Auckland Businessmen allegedly killing for petty crime, that’s got to rate on your crime-o-meter?

I’m sick of attitudes not being fixed from a young age to weed the trash culture out, in order to bring up a peaceful youth.

You’re the one raising the middle finger to us all in your profile picture love. Again you don’t like other people

I’m sick of seeing hard working people being crushed by huge taxes when they’re trying their darned hardest to pay their mortgage.

Fair enough 50% tax for the fantastically rich in the UK is hard work, but they get over it with a nice bottle Crug my dear. But back to NZ, are we talking about the middle class here. Nice to know you have a mortgage, plenty can’t get one love.

I’m sick of unskilled immigrants ~ especially the ones involved in crime.

Again you don’t like people. Your views on the underskilled and rather inbread rural lot I know in parts of NZ?

I’m sick of re-offenders.

We get it you don’t like people.

I’m sick of Labour.

So are we my dear, they are playing the middle ground too much, time for some decent leftist policies.

I bat for the blue team.
If it turns to custard this year, I’m joining the thousands escaping to the land of drought that is Australia and hope to one day return to a functioning New Zealand.

Not that we’d wish a snake bite or spider bite on you my dear, but good riddance, we’d much more prefer people that like being here, mixing with immigrants and actively striving for a better NZ.

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Key’s wall is giving bad face#1

I will be spending wasting some of my time looking at what’s going on over at the esteemed leaders foray into the world of social networking, just to see what Mr Key’s band of merry supporters wish from him.

Let’s start with Kim.

John; thanks for launching on the net, its great for us NZers overseas! I am a national supporter, but like to make informed votes. I was tempted by labours student loan offer last time but it wasn’t enough to justify a vote. I am from middle-class NZ & not eligible for govt help (parents earned too much but not enough to pay for my studies). I have a large student debt & this is concerning.

I hear the violins, poor middle classes, wlecome to the world sunshine. I thought you were a national supporter, why are you looking to the govt to help out your family if they are middle class? I though govt help was a no-no for the right? I have a large student debt, get over it, the bleeding middle classes. News for you sunshine, student debt isn’t going to go away with National.

I am mortified at the increasing violent crime in NZ (I live in a city in France where I can walk alone anytime of the night).

Newsflash, I walk alone any time of the night in Dunedin, ChCH, Wellington (don’t get to Auckland much). Has this same person walked in the poor parts of Paris with the huge immigrant communities and the social ills that besiege them?

Double standards for different races. Can I please call myself a NZer not a NZ european/pakeha?

Yes you can, who’s stopping you? What’s the different standards you are talking about, or is that just the whole in your bigoted head?

Tax payers $ spent carelessly. High taxes, low wages. I am paid more by the french govt for a PhD than my previous job in eng geology in NZ. A move to Australia for high wages is probable when I finish, even tho I’d love to be in NZ.

I thought that as rational self actualizing individuals that are the fine folk at National, it is your choice to follow the high incomes overseas. Your choice sunshine, no body is forcing you to work/study overseas for more money. Low wages is not the exclusive domain of the govt, and besides which, despite what National tells you, lowering taxes is inflationary, which puts pressure on the cash rate, which puts pressure on the dollar… It’s not as simple as dear old Kim wishes.

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